Grand Haven Daily Tribune  March 13, 1901

My Mother.

(In tender memory of the best and truest friend I ever had.  This 8th day of March, 1901, is the 97th anniversary of her birth.)


Most reverently I turn the leaves
Of Mem’ry’s sacred book today;
Back to the first dim entry there,
When but little boy at play;
Thanks you, my mother, for that time,
And all its joy, and laughter wild!
Yes, many thanks for all your love
For me, when but a little child!

I’ve never heard a tone so sweet
As my dear mother’s tuneful voice!
‘Twas music to my childish ear.
And always made my heart rejoice!
I loved the songs of singing birds,
When in the spring they came in throngs;
Still more than all, I loved to hear
My mother’s charming hymns and songs!

If Father Time would just turn back
His record dial, seventy years,
I would not be alone today,
In discontentment and in tears.
Mother would take me to her heart,
Most lovingly, and hold me there;
And she would kiss her only boy,
While smoothing back his raven hair.

Then slumber sweet would come again,
And o’er my eyelids softly creep;
While mother’s charming lullaby,
Would gently lull her boy to sleep!
And he would dream of singing birds,
Of humming bees, and summer hours;
Of fields, and woods and pictures green,
And all their wealth of blooming flowers!

But Father Time will not turn back
His rapid flight for me today!
I cannot be a boy again,
And walk in childhood’s pleasant way!
I’m living upon “borrowed time”―
My eyes are swimming now in tears,
To know I cannot stay the tide,―
The swiftly rushing tide of years!

Many a spring and summer time,
Has smiled upon my mother’s tomb;
Many a lovely flower and shrub,
Has mantled it with fragrant bloom!
Many a drift of pure white snow,
Has folded it in close embrace;
Since I last kissed my mother’s lips,
And gazed into her love lit face!

No other love has been like her’s,
So true and faithful to the last!
No other has been half so kind,
In all the seventy years now past!
No other, when in sore distress,
Could charm away my mental pain!
No other’s sympathy so well
Could soothe my sometimes troubled brain!

Grand Haven, Mich.

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