Grand Haven Daily Tribune  October 22, 1910


A Farewell To Summer.




Farewell to summerís lovely days,

And all its beauty, songs and flowers

Farewell to Floraís winsome ways,

And all the seasonís merry hours.

Itís Roses, have all come and gone,

Like pleasant dreamings of the night

When we awake at morning dawn,

With Fairy Dreamland, out of sight.


But summer cannot always lastó

A sadder season, must be seen;

When all the skies are overcast,

And autumn comes upon the scene:

Then leaves assume a russet brown,

And scurry round in mad defeat,

Through streets and alleys of the town

Like soldiers, when in full retreat.


A purple haze, where eíer we go.

Will soon warn us of coming night;

When with a coverlet of snow,

Winter will wrap the earth in white.

There often comes a sense of grief,

Inwoven with these winter dreams;

But oh, how charming the relief,

When spring with all its glory gleams.


Grand Haven, Mich.

October A. D. 1910.



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