Grand Haven Daily Tribune  June 24, 1902


Impromptu Lines

Suggested by pinning of a beautiful White
Rose on the Authorís coat, by a very
Estimable Lady.


The rose you placed on my lapel,

And fastened with a pin;

Unto my soul now seems to tell

ďThe secret hid within!

That gift in silent language, speaks

Unto my heart today;

And tenderly, each petal seeks

Some loving word to say!


The corol, with its smiling face,

Seems whispering to me:

ďAsk, and ye shall receive with grace,

ďA heartís fidelity!Ē

The anthers lift their heads and sing

A chorus sweet and grand;

I seem to hear them offering,

The giverís heart and hand!

Iíll wear this white rose near my heart,

And dream sweet dreams awhile;

Because it seems of thee a part.

And to reflect thy smile!


Grand Haven, June, 1902



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