Grand Haven Evening Tribune  October 2, 1895



Upon the death of Abram Fisher,

son of John and Henrietta Fisher,

now Mrs. John Wissel, of Manistee.


Tis sad to know that he is dead!

Aye! sad to think his spirit’s fled

Into the brightness overhead!

How sad, to realize and know,

That death has dealt so hard a blow

To hearts that grieve and ache below!


But he has only—“Gone before”—

Only gone from shore to shore,

Where pain and death are known no more—

He heard the angels’ summons, “Come”

And with them, went from home, to home!

To fairer skies!  To brighter dome!


The memory of that precious one.—

The hope, that when this life is done,

You’ll meet and greet that darling son;

Will comfort you while you remain—

Will soothe your grief, and heal your pain,

And cheer you, till you meet again.



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