Grand Haven Daily Tribune  February 15, 1902


When My Frail Bark.


When my frail bark starts from the shore,

Far out across the unknown tide;

May some good angel guide me o’er,

In safety to the other side!


May that dear wife with golden hair,

Aye! She of whom I was so fond;

Be the first one to greet me there.

Within that beautiful beyond!


And I would kiss her lips once more,

While arm in arm we’d walk aside;

And talk of all the days of yore,

Within the Home which was our pride.


Dear Mother!  I would talk with thee,

‘Neath this soft light in Eden’s skies;

Down there, beside the Jasper Sea,

We would enjoy the grand surprise!


Father, and sister Millie, too!

One Bertha, with her wondrous eyes!

My love embraces all of you,

Upon those hills of Paradise.


Therefore, my soul dreads not the ride

Across Death’s trackless unknown sea;

For I’ve dear friends the other side,

And they will watch and wait for me!


Often amid grand sunset scenes,

When twilight comes to veil the skies;

Some scene celestial intervenes,

And Heaven is opened to my eyes!


Among the deep’ning glories rare,

White-robed immortals often stand!

And in the fading crimson there,

I’ve seen my mother’s beckoning hand!


Grand Haven, Mich.

Feb. 2, 1902.  My 72nd birthday.



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