Grand Haven Daily Tribune  March 26, 1902


The Light of Eastertide


Hail lovely light of Eastertide!

Come, shed thy glories far and wide,

O’er all the world, from side to side,

On this revolving sphere!

Come, fling thy banners to the skies!

Bid Nature from her slumbers rise,

And greet thee with wide open eyes!

O linger with us here!


Sing of the hope that Jesus gave,

When from the bondage of the grave,

He rose on high the world to save

From sin and slavish fear!

Sing of the glories of the day,

The soft mild air, the coming of May,

And all the season’s bright array,

That soon will reappear!


Sing of the south wind’s breathings sweet,

Of springtime, and her hastening feet,

And all the glories we shall greet,

And all their matchless worth!

Come sing of dancing brooks again,

Out of April showers on hill and plain.

And all the blessings of the rain

Upon the rusty earth!


Sing of the birds now coming here,

To chant their carols of good cheer,

O come, make glad this budding year,

This blessed Eastertide!

Sweet Easter light, in blessings fall

‘Round every cot and princely hall;

Bring peace and hope to one and all,

And sorrows thrust aside!


This is a grand prophetic time!

It bids us hope for joys sublime,

Within a fairer, brighter clime,

Where shadows are unknown!

It tells us of a future spring,

Of beauty always blossoming,

“Within the palace of the King,”

Where we shall meet our own!


It prophesies that we shall be

Raised up from this mortality,

Into a life forever free

From earth and earthly things.

That when this mortal state we leave,

These weary souls, and hearts which grieve,

Will robes of righteousness receive,

And soar on spirit wings.


Grand Haven, Mich.

Easter Sunday, A. D. 1902



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