Grand Haven Daily Tribune  November 27, 1899




Written Upon the Death of Freddie Cosgrove,

   Who died in this city Nov. 12th, 1899.  Freddie was the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cosgrove, of the Third Ward.


Our precious boy!  Our darling child!

Thou has been with us thirteen years;

Now, thou hast gone from home to home,

And left our hearts and eyes in tears!


Thy spirit-hark has drifted o’er

The great divide, where angels stand,

Watching and waiting for thee to come,—

To lead thee to the “Better Land.”


When thy sweet soil passed from its clay,

We crossed thy hands upon thy breast;

Parted thy brown hair gently back,

And laid out “Freddie” down to rest.


Through years of pain and suffering,

Such as but few have ever known;

Thou wast so hopeful all the while,

So calmly brave, in look and tone!


Our sorrow, oh! we need not tell,

Nor count the tears that daily flow,

The bitter grief we have endured,

No one but God will ever know!


Thou wast our eldest boy — our pride!

And we so hoped to see the day,

When thou would live and care for us,

And prove, in age, our staff and stay.


We often dream that thou art here,

Our little sufferer again!

We dream of sitting by thy side,

And watching by thy bed of pain!


We see thy kind, expressive eyes,

The glint and glow of nut brown hair;

But when we think to clasp thy form,

The vision fades!  Thou art not there!


When sweet Aurora comes with smiles,

To paint the East with rosy light;

When midnight sits upon her throne,

Crowned with the constellations bright;


When sunset glories fade away,

And twilight shadows gather there;

We miss thee, oh, our darling boy,—

We miss thy presence everywhere!


Until we meet ‘neath brighter skies,

We’ll pray to Him whom we revere—

“May Freddie fold his angel-wings,

“And guard us while we slumber here!”


Grand Haven, Mich., November, 1899.

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