Grand Haven Daily Tribune   February 16, 1900


I Love Thee, O My Country.


(Written upon my 70th birthday, February 2, 1900.)


I love thee, O my country!

I raise this hymn to thee;

And ask that free from peril,

Thy future course may be;

I love our “starry banner,”

The symbol of the free;

O, may it wave forever,

The sign of Liberty!


I love those “Pilgrim Fathers,”

Who were divinely sent,

To plant religious freedom,

Upon this continent:

I love those men of iron,

Led by Washington;

Who fought the “Red Coats” bravely,

And final vict’ry won.


Those brave old “continentals”!

Bright are their wreathes of fame!

They shall not be forgotten,

While freedom has a name!

I love the “Union soldiers”―

Those volunteers in blue!

They served and saved the Union,

And wiped out slavery, too!


I love our splendid Navy,

And every “Jackie” boy;

They’ve gained a name as heroes,

Which time cannot destroy:

I love our own George Dewey,

And need not here repeat,

How he besieged Manila,

And sunk the Spanish fleet.


I love those brave young soldiers,

Who would fair Cuba free;

And in many far-off lands,

Fight for posterity.

I love that grand old hero,

Of Santiago Bay:

Who sunk Cervera’s navy,

With Sampson, miles away.


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