Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 5, 1900




Written upon the death of JEANNETTE FERRY HANCOCK

and feelingly inscribed to the friends of the deceased.




O, did the bright-winged angels come,

Down from the Shining Way;

And carry her from home, to home,

Beyond the Gates of Day?

O, did they claim the lovely prize

The fairest earthly Gem,

To shine anew, in Paradise

Its brightest Diadem?


And has that pretty face been hid,

Forever from your view?

Must she, beneath the coffin痴 lid,

Remain away from you?

In this great grief upon the sod,

It must be hard to say,

徹h!  God, I鼠l pass beneath Thy Rod!

典hy will be done today!


From room to room, you sadly roam,

And ring your hands in prayer!

For oh! There痴 sorrow in your home!

Your darling is not there!

And when you look into her room,

And see her empty chair;

The things she left, are clothed in gloom,

And whisper of despair.


Spring will return, with leaves and flowers

Summer値l bring, as oft before,

The birds, and bees, and shining hours;

But she値l return no more!

And yet, in every freshening breeze,

In every wild bee痴 hum;

In rustling leaves, and whisp池ing trees,

Her soft sweet voice may come!


Jeannette, is not far away,

Beyond this rolling sphere!

She痴 nearer than you dream, today!

Who dare say, she痴 not here!

We read, that we may entertain,

The angels, 砥nawares!

Oh, may this thought be balm for pain,

And lighten all your cares!


Some day, in God痴 sweet by and by,

When earthly scenes are o弾r

Sometimes, beneath a brighter sky,

You値l meet, to part no more!

Upon Life痴 pure and crystal stream,

Beneath a sapphire dome;

Where amethystine Temples gleam,

You all will be, At Home!


How beautiful this faith of ours!

How sweet to spirits torn!

It even wreaths the Grave, with flowers.

And comforts those who mourn!

It lifts the Soul on Hope痴 bright wings,

When on the unknown sea;

And cheers it on, until it sings,

Nearer, my God, to Thee!


Grand Haven, Mich., April, A. D. 1900.


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