Grand Haven Daily Tribune  June 6, 1906



In kindness written for the afflicted family and

friends of Hon. Charles K. Hoyt, of this city.


Often in your silent chamber―

In your loneliness and care,

You will mourn that wife and mother,

And you’ll miss her presence there;

Oft you’ll lie awake and number,

All those happy years of life,

Since you led her to the alter,

And was proud to call her “wife”.


You will think of early struggles,

Of high hopes, and sometimes tears,

As you look adown the vista

Of the past eventful years;

And these thoughts may charm your senses,

‘Till your lids begin to fall;

And half dreamingly you enter

Into Mem’ry’s gilded hall.


What a charming panorama!

What enchantments to the brain,

As among familiar features,

Esther’s face is seen again!

Fairer, sweeter far than ever―

Younger, lovelier than before,

Seems the picture of the maiden

Whom you loved and wed of yore!


Then you’ll waken from your dreaming,

With a startled, sweet surprise;

All unconscious that your loved one,

Looks upon you from the skies:―

Without knowing that above you,

Far beyond your scenes of care―

On the parapets of Heaven―

Esther’s waiting for you there!


Waiting, where death dare not enter―

Where there is no sight of pain;

Waiting, ‘till in Eden’s splendors,

You will meet with her again:

Waiting ‘till that hoped for meeting,

With your dearest, “over there”―

And you’ll miss that wife and mother―

Aye!  You’ll miss her everywhere!


In the shadows of “Lake Forest”―

In that quiet, peaceful shade;

You will often go and visit,

Where that precious form is laid:

As you kneel beside her ashes,

And anew your sorrow cries:

She in tenderness will watch you,

With her lovely, spirit eyes.


*      *      *


Children―when awake or sleeping―

In your pathway, night and day:

Mother’s footsteps will attend you―

Mother’s lips will for you pray: ―

As you gather round the table,

There will be one vacant chair;

You will miss that darling mother―

Oh! you’ll miss her, everywhere!


Grand Haven, Mich.

June 17th, 1906


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