Grand Haven Daily Tribune  October 13, 1906


Waiting for Spring.


Oh!  my heart has long been waiting,

For the lovliness of Spring;

For her gentle balmy breathings,

And to hear the robins sing:

Waiting for her voice of gladness

Coming o’er the hills away;

And for all the charms, belonging

To the lovely month of May.


Aye! my heart has long been wishing,

For the end of Winter’s reign;

For the ripples and the music,

Of the April showers again:

Wishing for the first sweet daisies,

For the violet’s azure hue;

For the cowslips, and primroses,

And the sky’s etherial blue.


None can tell how I’ve been longing,

For the Spring’s reviving breath;

And the vernal resurrection.

Of the flowers from seeming death:

For the power of rain, and sunshine,

O’er the cold and frosty mould;

To bring forth from out the darkness,

Things beyond the price of gold.


Longing for the southern breezes,

Coming from the land and sea;

For the pathos, and the sweetness,

Of the month’s tranquility:

For the tenderness, and lovelight,

That in all the fields appear;

For the newness, and the freshness,

Of the joy awakening year.


For the sky’s enameled glory,

And the meadow’s lowly grace;

For the clamor of the waters,

In their wonton laughing race:

For the quick’ning of the flowers,

In the soft and melting mould;

And their coming from the darkness,

Into beauties manifold.


For the radiance and glory,

Of the West at close of day:

When the Sun on golden billows

Rests upon his downward way:

When upon his couch of crimson,

Phoebus sinks into his rest―

How the clouds like golden islands,

Float above that Royal breast.


For the soul inspiring music,

At the dawning of the day;

And the beauty, and the splendor,

Of the months of June and May:

For the busy growing murmur

Of the insect peopled air;

And the glories of the season,

Multiplying everywhere.


Thanks, dear Father, for the pleasures

Of another lovely May:

For the heart dear inspirations

Near the close of life’s long day:

Oh, when death unveils the future,

To my wondering spirit-eyes,

May I gaze upon the glories,

Of Thy promised Paradise.



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