Grand Haven Daily Tribune  August 12, 1910


Those Dear New Hampshire Hills.




How they lift their grand old faces.

Upward to the ether blue;

How they stand in silent grandeur,

Clothed in robes of varied hue:

I have seen them, in their glory—

All those Rivers, Brooks and Rills;

And been charmed by all the beauty

Of those dear New Hampshire Hills!


I have seen those grand old hillsides,

Bright with azure, and with gold:

When the garnered crops of Autumn,

Blest that land a thousand fold!

And I’ve seen those fertile Valleys,

Lovely Rivers, Brooks and Rills,

Glist’ning in a sheen of brightness,

Round those grand New Hampshire Hills!


I have seen the snows of Winter,

Falling, in that rugged land

Till the trees were crowned with crystals,

Sparkling, beautiful and grand!

Oh those scenes of dazzling beauty!

How my whole soul often thrills;

As I think of all the splendor

Of those dear old Granite Hills!


Oh!  If I could now behold them,

As I saw them years ago!

I would surely kneel and kiss them—

And my grateful tears would flow!

Could I see them for one moment—

All those Mountains, Brooks and Rills;

I would bow in adoration,

To those dear New Hampshire Hills!


Grand Haven, Mich.

August, A. D. 1910



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