Grand Haven Daily Tribune  December 11, 1903


Helping Mother.

(By David Fletcher Hunton.)


Daughter, have you lately noticed

How your motherís growing old?

That upon her careworn features,

There are wrinkles, fold on fold?

Have you seen her stooping shoulders,

And how feeble she has grown?

That her eyes have lost their luster,

And her voice its mellow tone?


Mother once was tall and stately,

Like yourself, my dear, today;

Now, she bends beneath her burdens,

And is looking old, and gray!

Once, her hair was deepest auburn,

Thickly mixed with threads of gold;

Now, we see it thin, and faded,

Showing she is growing old!


Oh, how many times in sickness,

She has watched your every breath;

And by tender care and nursing,

Saved you from the jaws of death!

And how many times in childhood,

When you was a little Miss,

Mother calmed and soothed your troubles,

By the magic of her kiss!


Now you see that she is failingó

Must she do the work alone?

If she does not have assistance,

Death will claim her for its own!

Oh! my Daughter!  What would home be,

Without motherís kindly care?

What would we do, were she sleeping

ĎNeath the daisies, over there?


Donít you think that all her kindness,

All her watchings, prayers and tears;

Should be drawing simple interest

During all your eighteen years?

Do not think that I am blaming

You, because she is growing old and gray;

But I think it is your duty,

Now to help her every day.


How?  By helping do the housework,

So that she may get some rest

Ere those patient hands are folded

On that motherís lifeless breast!

Get up early in the morning,

At the first approach of day;

And get breakfast for your motheró

What do you suppose sheíd say?


When she finds the meal is ready,

Watch the twinkle in her eyes!

See her look at you with wonder,

And embrace you in surprise!

Donít you think that face would brighten,

And those wrinkles disappear?

Donít you think she would look younger,

Ere the end of one short year?


Oh, my darling!  How I THANK YOU,

For your promise made this day!

It will lift so many burdens,

From that motherís toilsome way!

Go now, daughter, to your mother,

And unfold this new-made plan;

It will cheer her drooping spirits,

And make me a happier man!


Grand Haven, Mich.

December 1st, 1903.



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