Grand Haven Daily Tribune Supplement  December 21, 1903


Lines Suggested by the Death of
Mrs. Margarette G. Davis

(And kindly inscribed to her surviving family and many friends.)

By David Fletcher Hunton.


In that strangely silent household.

And the awful gloom around;

You are thinking of that mother,

Sleeping ‘neath the snow-clad ground.

In your sad heart’s meditations,

And your loneliness and care,

You are mourning for that mother,

And you miss her presence there.


Every morning, you awaken

With a startled, sad surprise;

Little dreaming that your mother,

Watches you with anxious eyes!

Every day, that sainted mother

Breathes for you a fervent prayer;

Every night, while you are sleeping,

Spirit-wings are hov’ring there!


When you gather ‘round the table,

There may be no “vacant chair”;

For that darling angel mother,

May be often sitting there!

Though she said “Good By forever,”

And has vanished from your view:

Still, her Spirit-wings may hover,

Over every one of you!


Oh, how sweet to think our mothers,

May return to earth again;

And may calm and soothe our sorrows,

With balm for every pain!

Oh, how cheering to believe it,

That above these scenes of care,

All our loved and lost are waiting

To embrace us, “over there!”


Waiting, where death dare not enter—

Where there is no night of pain:

Waiting, till in Eden’s splendors,

They can meet with us again!

But until that joyous meeting,

With your dear departed there;

You will miss that precious mother—

Aye!  You’ll miss her everywhere!


Grand Haven, Mich.

   December 17th, 1903


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