Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 9, 1898


In Memory of Little Henry Andre,

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andre,

Who died this week.

A noble little lad has gone!

One of the sweetest smiles of God!

The angels led him farther on,

And oh, we miss him on the sod!

He was so clean, and bright, and kind,

So merry-hearted, and so sweet:

That many lips have been inclined

To kiss the darling on the street!


A mother’s joy—a father’s pride—

A lad of whom we all were fond;

Has passed unto the “other side”—

Into the beautiful beyond!

And there is ANGUISH in that home,

Almost too great for hearts to bear!

But oh! the “COMFORTER” will come,

And give sweet consolation there.


Bright wings may glisten in the air!

Bright eyes may watch o’er you in sleep!

Two angel hands may clasp in prayer,

Above your bed, when you’re asleep!

‘Tis sweet to think that he may come,

Down from the Spirit world above;

May fold his wings within your home,

And sweetly whisper of his love!


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