Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 25, 1904

Dreams of Springtime.

(By David Fletcher Hunton.)


I dream of lovely Springtime,

The poem of the year;

Of all the vernal freshness,

That comes our hearts to cheer:

Of smooth and grassy hillsides,

Where happy children play;

Of fragrant southwest breezes,

And buds and bells of May.


I’m dreaming of the beauty,

Of April’s changing light;

And of the constellations,

That gem the brow of night:—

Of budding shrubs, and maples,

And the restless bee;

Of laughing old “Grand River”,

From icy chains set free.


I dream of sylvan forests,

And their changing guise;

Of all that’s new and lovely

In earth, and air, and skies—

Of April’s showers and sunshine

And May’s delicious air;

Of morning’s balmy glories

And beauty everywhere!


I dream of splendid sunsets

Of cloudlets fringed with gold;

Of gleaming, deepest purple,

And glories, manifold:—

Of Michigan’s grand waters,

And of its sandy floor,

Of all it’s tossing “white-caps”,

That kiss it’s lovely shore.


I dream of pearly snow-drops,

Dame Nature’s timid child;

Of all the yellow cowslips,

And daisies growing wild:

Of lilacs, proudly tossing

Their heads to every breeze

And fairy blossoms falling

Around the apple trees.


I dream of swallows coming,

And building neath the eaves,

Of all the freckled nest eggs,

Among the grass and leaves:

Of robins and of blue-birds,

And of the tiny wren;

Of all the merry songsters,

That love the haunts of men.


*      *      *      *      *


How often in my dreaming,

I seem their songs to hear;

And every one seems singing,



Grand Haven, Mich., March 14th, 1904



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