Grand Haven Evening Tribune  May 5, 1895


Composed on the death of Marian Frances,
infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Lilley
of this city and kindly tendered to the bereaved
parents, and other sorrowing friends.


Something pure, and sweet, and holy,
Something beautiful and rare,
Vanished from your home, when Frances
Left this world for one more fair:―
O ‘twas sad to see her dying―
Breathing out her last sweet breath,
Sad, to see your daughter lying
In the cold embrace of death!

Little Frances―and you loved her
More than tears of blood can tell;
Loved her―and your hearts were breaking
When you breathed the word, “Farewell”!
But the little babe you tended
With such tenderness and care,
Has departed from your dwelling;
And you’ll miss the dear one there!

Oft within your lonely chamber,
When the night is dark and deep;
When the old lake, like the ocean,
Murmurs in its troubled sleep;
You will murmur in your slumber
You will have unrest, and pain,
For the sweetness that has vanished
And will never come again.

Severed now, but not forever;
In the world exempt from pain,
Frances will be robed in beauty,
And will meet with you again:
In the midst of Eden’s splendors;
Where the white-robed singers sing,
Frances Marian, will greet you
“In the Palace of the King.”



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