Grand Haven Daily Tribune  November 3, 1900


Michigan’s Closing Campaign Song


Air:  “Old Kentucky Home.”


The prospect for a glorious victory,

Grows better and brighter every day;

And we point with pride to all our candidates,

For we know they’ll never go astray;

We are content with conditions as they stand,

No matter how Bryanites may groan:

In grand good times, such as we have today,

We’ll let good enough, and well enough alone!



Hurrah, for Mac and Teddy!

Hurrah, for the G. O. P.

Hurrah for Bliss and for William Alden Smith!

And hurrah for the Flag of the Free!


We’ll hunt Bill Bryan, and drive him in his hole,

And there we will leave him to his fate:

He will sow no more seeds of discontent,

And no more preach the gospel of hate;

He will never haul our country’s banner down,

His scheming will never mature;

He’ll weep no more for the Filipino chief,

Nor prescribe for his troubles, a cure.


We will fight hard for our country and our flag,

Whatever the contest may be;

We will wave our flag from Maine unto Luzon,

No matter what Bryanites may say;

Better fifty years of empire in this land,

Than Bryanarchy rule, one day!


Grand Haven, Mich.

November 2, 1900.


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