Grand Haven Daily Tribune  May 23, 1901


“He Shall Give His Angels Charge

Over Thee.”―Bible.


How grand to know that we belong

To Him who made the world above!

That all mankind―earth’s countless throng,

Are objects of His care and love!

How grand our lineage to trace

To God the Father of our race!


According to His mighty will,

He made us for Himself, alone;

He modeled us with faultless skill,

In form and image, like His own!

He has to us His likeness given,

Because we were beloved of Heaven!


His wonderful omniscient mind,

Foreknew what finite man would do;

That we to sin would be inclined,

And unto Him would be untrue;―

But was a mighty devil planned,

To snatch us from God’s mightier hand?


That could not be!  For “God is Love!”

More than a mother loves her son,

He who rules the worlds above,

Loves his children―every one!

He hears the ravens when they cry―

No sparrow’s fall escapes his eye!


Down from the windows of the skies,

He looks upon this rolling sphere,

With mercy beaming from his eyes,

And love for all His creatures here!

“He gives His angels charge.” To aid

And keep the children He has made!


Our dear ones, who have “gone before,”

May oft their angels glances turn,

Back to the homes they left of yore,

And to the friends for whom they yearn!

More than we know, they do control

The thoughts and motives of our souls!


How sweet to know that while we live,

We’re not one moment from God’s sight!

That He has promised, and will give

Angels, to guard us day and night!

That His paternal, loving care

Attends our footsteps, everywhere!


O’ may His mercy and His grace,

Speed those sweet angels on their way;

‘Till in His dwelling place,

We meet to spend an endless day!

‘Till Christ shall draw with “bands of love,”

“All men,” into his Courts above!


Grand Haven, Mich., May, 1901


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