Grand Haven Daily Tribune   June 8, 1901


Love of Country


It makes me proud to look around

And count the square miles of our sod!

From youth, I’ve loved this sacred ground,

This glorious heritage of God!

How did we come to own this land?

From whom did we come to own this land?

From whom did all this wealth descend?

What prosperous breezes, soft and bland,

Brought war and discord to an end?


Our fathers marched with bleeding feet,

Often in rags, and want and woe,

That we might taste of freedom sweet,

And all its blessings fully known.

In later years, and army grand,

Obeyed our country’s urgent call―

Swept cruel slavery from the land,

And drove “secession” to the wall!


We all know how the blue and gray

Avenged the wrecking of the Maine!

How Cuba in her thralldom lay,

‘Till rescued from that tyrant, Spain!

How Dewey sunk the Spanish fleet,

And Roosevelt, with giant will,

Saved Shafter’s forces from defeat,

On San Juan’s bloody hill!


‘Twas love of country, pure and sweet,

Caused Schley, at Santiago Bay,

To sink Cervera’s fleeing fleet,

With Sampson—many miles away!

We need not fear if we obey

As did the fathers who have gone,

While in the “straight and narrow way,”

Our God will bless and lead us on!


We have no lust for empire grand;

No greed to soil the eagle’s wings,

As he sweeps o’er our happy land,

And have no need of crowns or kings!

The word “Retreat” we must not know—

We must advance, if we would see

America progress grow

To bless the world’s humanity!


Our flag outlives time’s stormy tide,

It’s sky born glories still arrive;

It’s stars of Hope have multiplied

From thirteen up to forty-five!

Like that bright bow, which spans the skies

After the lightning and the rain:

Our starry banner prophesies

Of freedom’s long and prosperous rain:

Our starry banner prophesies

Of freedom’s long and prosp’rous reign.


Grand Haven, Mich., June A. D. 1901 


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