Grand Haven Daily Tribune  August 12, 1901


Do You Know?


Stop a moment!  Do you know

Every word spoken below,

Echoes where and angel stands

With your record in his hands?

That he writes for all to see,

In God’s great eternity?


You have friends, gone on before,

Whom you loved in days of yore;

They have thought you good and true,

And have great faith in you:―

Think a moment―would you care

If they read your record there?


It’s not only what you say,

Which the angel writes each day―

“Tis each good or evil thought;

Every right or bad deep wrought;

Think a moment!  Would you care

If your acts were written there?


You may have brother there,

Or a sister, young and fair;

Wife, or husband, true and fond,

In that beautiful beyond:

Do you know, they read with care

All your record written there?


That dear one who gave you life;

Clung to you through joy and strife:

Oh! thou child of many prayers!

Has she climbed the “golden stairs?”

Does she weep?  Or don’t you care

If she reads your record there?


When your record shall be given

At the royal court of heaven―

When the Judge shall hear it all,

Will you stand ―or will you fall?

Oh!  When you stand―or will you fall?

Oh!  When judgment’s rendered there,

You will care!  Yes, you will care.


Grand Haven, Mich.


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