Grand Haven Daily Tribune  May 10, 1898


Fighting for Cuba


Tune:  “Marching Through Georgia.”


Bring out the bugle, fife and drum,

The knapsack, and canteen;

We’ve got to go to Cuba, boys,

Where we must intervene:―

We’ve got to dung Havana out,

And make is safe and clean,

While we are fighting for Cuba.



Come on!  Come on!  Remembering the “Maine”!

Come on!  Come on!  We’ll mop the earth with Spain!

We’ll bury her so deep in blood,

She’ll never rise again!

While we are fighting for Cuba!


And we’ll make way for Liberty,

On every single mile,

Of that unhappy strip of land

Known as the “Cuban Isle”,

We’ll wrench that Gem from Spain’s control,

And make the Cubans smile―

While we are fighting for Cuba.




We’ll end the reign of cruel Spain,

And make that island free;

We won’t come back, nor leave the track,

‘Till Dons have crossed the sea;

We’ll push old Spain with might and main―

Shouting for Liberty―

While we are fighting for Cuba.




When boys in blue, and boys in gray―

Remembering the “Maine”,

Have wiped old Spain from off the map,

The world, will not complain:―

When this is done, and victory’s won,

We will return again,

When we’ve done fighting for Cuba.




Old Glory, and the Cuban Flag,

On Morre’s Castle won,

Will proudly wave, to tell the brave,

That FREEDOM has begun;

And we will tell our friends at home,

Just how the thing was done,

While we were fighting for Cuba.




Grand Haven, Mich., Apr. 25, 1898.



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