Grand Haven Daily Tribune  May 24, 1898


“Old Glory.”


[After “America.”]

”Old Glory,” ‘tis of thee,

Emblem of Liberty,

Of thee we sing;

Flag of our fathers brave,

Flag which they died to save,

Long may your colors wave,

A sacred thing.


Our country’s flag to thee,

We pledge our loyalty,

Our life, our home;

We love thy crimson hue,

Thy stars and field of blue,

To thee we will be true,

‘Till death shall come.


Oh, may our arms be found,

With wreathes of victory crowned,

In every place;

May haughty Spaniards feel,

The might of fire and steel,

‘Till from their pride they reel,

Into disgrace.


May Jack Tars sing this song,

‘Till right subdues the Wrong,

And Cuba’s free;

Lads, keep your Flag unfurled.

‘Till you have shown the world,

The Dons have all been hurled,

Across the sea.


May our brave soldiers make,

For Liberty’s sweet sake,

Grand history;

Our father’s God, we pray,

Be with the Blue and Gray,

Until the world shall say,



Grand Haven, Mich., May 22d, 1898.



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