Grand Haven Daily Tribune  June 1, 1898


“Yankee Dewey”

Adopted to “Yankee Doodle”


 Dad and I heard Dewey’s guns

Early Sunday morning;

So we went to see the fun,

Just as day was dawnin’


Yankee Dewey,  from Vermont,

Oh, he was a dandy;

So we called him “Commodore,”

Cause he was so handy.

He got in that crooked bay,

Like a panther creepin;

He was huntin’ Dons that day,

And he found them sleepin’.


He went carefully and slow,

‘Till he got position;

Then he let the Spaniards know,

Something of his mission.


Then he poured his iron ball,

Right into Manily;

‘Till he made the women pale;

And the Dons look silly.


Golly!  How the Spanish jumped!

How their forts did totter!

How their battle ships were dumped

Into boiling water!


Yankee Dewey, from Vermont,

Oh, he is a dandy;

Now he is an Admiral,

‘Cause he is so handy!


Grand Haven, Mich., May 30, 1898


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