Grand Haven Daily Tribune  September 1, 1897


We Shall Meet.


We shall meet beyond the river,

All the dear ones gone before;

We shall look into the faces

Which we knew in the days of yore!

E’en the lips which used to whisper

Love and friendship, on the sod,

Will most gladly bid us welcome,

In that city of our God!


Down beside the crystal river,

Where the flowers of Eden grow;

We shall meet the friends, and neighbors,

Whom we valued, long ago.

We shall find our early playmates—

All of whom we once were fond;

We shall recognize each other,

In that beautiful beyond!


In that world of changeless beauty,

Love, will mend its broken chain;

Hearts, which have been wrenched asunder.

Will re-weave their ties again:

In that place of “many mansions,”

We shall “know as we are known,”

None will ever in that country,

Seek, and fail to find their own.


He who sees the "falling sparrow”—

Hears the raven, when it cries;

Will not rob us of our darlings,

On the hills of Paradise!

He, who brought from death, a brother,

And a son for her of Nain:

Will not separate our dear ones

From our loving hearts, again!


With what rapturous emotion,

Shall we, ‘neath that tree of life;

Meet and greet that sainted mother,

And embrace that angel wife!

With what transport, shall we wander,

O’er the sacred mountains, free

Through the balmy groves of Eden,

And beside the Jasper sea!


With what ecstasy, and wonder,

Shall our spirit eyes behold;

Amethistine walls and temples,

All inlaid with purest gold!

With what joy, and glad fruition,

Shall we with the “white robed” sing,

“God has loved, and Christ has saved us”—

In the palace of the King!


Grand Haven, Mich., August, 1897.


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