Grand Haven Daily Tribune  March 13, 1895


To the memory of FRANK CAIRNS and FRANK PALMER, two promising young men of this city, who have lately gone ‘up higher,” and feeing inscribed to their sorrowing friends.

Two noble sons have passed away―
Two cherished sons to God been given―
Two precious youths, have found their way
Into the vestibule of heaven: ―
These sad afflictions, seem to press
With heaviness, on heart, and brow;
These tidal waves of bitterness
Break wildly o’er your heartstrings now!

Could you have seen the angel death,
When gently wooing them away;
And knowing how easily the breath
Fled from those tenements of clay;
Could you have seen the angel hands
Beckoning them to leave the sod;
And heard the bright-winged Saraph-bands
Charming their souls away to God:―

Could you have looked beyond the veil
Which hides the spirit world from this;
And see their fair barks safely sail
Into the port of endless bliss:
Could you have seen those daring boys,
When Eden’s splendors met their gaze;
And known with what exquisite joys
They greeted friends of other day:―

Could you have looked with mortal eyes
Into the Palace of the King,
And seen what supreme surprise
They heard the “white-robed” singers sing;
Could you have seen them, arm in arm
With loved ones at the “Jasper Sea”;
And known that they were safe from harm,
And from the power of sin set free:―

It must be, you would feel resigned;
And feel to say, “God’s will be done”!
The darkest clouds, would all seemed lined
With halos, brighter than the sun!
How sweet, the balm to your despair,
To know your loss, is but their gain;
That heaven is God’s―and they are there―
And you will meet with them again.


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