Grand Haven Daily Tribune  July 29, 1901


My Wish for Thee



May Godís richest blessing rest upon thee.

Wherever thy footsteps may roam;

May all the gates of true happiness be

Wide open for thee in thy home.


May no strife disturb or darken thy day,

No sorrow distress thee at night;

May Loveís sweetest flowers oíer bloom in thy way,

And perfume thy life with delight.


May angel hands strengthen when thou art weak,

And keep thee from envious foes;

May the pillow of peace kiss thy dear cheek,

When slumber thy eyelids shall close.


At last, when the years have so multiplied,

That life seems a burden at best,

Oh! may Godís angels draw near to thy side,

And usher thee into thy rest.


Into the splendors of Eden above,

The beautiful temples of God;

Into the balm breathing gardens of love,

To meet thy dear friends from the sod.


Grand Haven, Mich., July 29th, 1901


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