Grand Haven Daily Tribune  November 13, 1909


A Humble Tribute.


To the Memory of Mrs. William R. Loutit.


She went from a delightful home.

   And from a son’s and husband’s love;

Into a realm of fairer things—

   To a beautiful home above!

She passed on through the shining stars,

   And words above which dwarf our own

In wondrous beauty and in size;

   Into the promised paradise!


She went the journey we must take,

   When our short lives on earth are done;

The way that God has planned for us,

   When immortality is won!

This grand highway, we all must go—

   The road into the great unknown!

Far from here, to the hereafter—

   And still, she did not go alone!


From this way-station here below—

   This waiting-room upon the sod;

She with attending angels, went

   Up through the golden-gates to God!

She’s gone up to her great reward;

   Where sin and sorrow are unknown:

To meet those dear friends, “gone before,”

   Within the light of God’s white throne!


That world, so full of joy and song;

   Where beauty always will abound;

And where she’ll feel beneath her feet,

   That every step is holy ground !

There’ll be no night of darkness there;

   No sin to goad and temp the soul—

Nothing but perfect happiness,

   While the eternal ages roll!


David Fletcher Hunton.

Grand Haven, Mich.

November, A. D. 1909



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