Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 23, 1898



Suggested by the late death of HILYER BREWER, the
beautiful little son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

Brewer of Grand Rapids, Mich.  Mr.
Brewer is the well known court
stenographer of this county


My heart goes out to those distressed,

And oft I breathe a silent prayer,

For hearts bereaved, and sorely pressed

By grief, and heartache, everywhere!


I have to mourn with those who mourn,

And always weep with those who weep;

My heart so aches for spirits torn,

That when they cry, I cannot sleep!


Often there leaps from heart to brain,

A pang of sorrow unexpressed!

Instinctively―I feel the pain,

Which lacerates another’s breast!


And this is why I tender now.

My warmest sympathies to you;

To lift one cloudlet from your brow,

And heal a wounded spirit, too.


That darling boy!  That precious one!

He may return to you no more,

Till happier hours restores your son,

Upon a fairer, brighter shore!


But when you meet with him again,

And greet, and clasp him as your own;

He will be free from earthly pain,

And you will see him fairer grown!


Beyond these dreary, stormy skies,

A better, happier day will dawn!

‘Twill not be long, ere you will rise,

And talk with Hilyer―farther on!


Grand Haven, Mich., April 18, A. D. 1898



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