Grand Haven Daily Tribune  September 30, 1901

Somewhere, Sometime, and Some Day.


The sun is shining somewhere
On this revolving sphere;
Somewhere the birds are singing,
If they’re not singing here:
Somewhere the flowers are blooming
In loveliness supreme,
And crystal waves are dancing
Down every mountain stream.

Somewhere above the midnight
The stars are shining bright,
And somewhere they are basking
Beneath the source of light:
While winter storms are howling
Above our dwellings here,
‘Tis gladsome summer somewhere,
And the skies are blue and clear.

There’s sickness, pain and sorrow,
Somewhere within our land,
Somewhere the dark angel,
Has laid a heavy hand;
But oh, thank God for somewhere,
Beyond time’s fleeting shore
Where Death is barred from entering,
And grief is known no more.

Sometime, earth’s buried millions
Will rise up from the sod;
And in the “many mansions”
They all will live with God!
But not until the angels,
In looms of golden hue,
Have woven robes of beauty,
And clothed their souls anew!

Some day, the golden gateways
Will open to our view,
A world of dazzling beauty,
And scenes forever new;
And then in blissful Eden,
Beyond the “Jasper Sea,”
My loved ones will be waiting
To greet and welcome me.

Grand Haven, Mich., Sept. 30, 1901


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