The Evening Tribune May/June, 1891



   The "District School" will be presented at the Opera House Saturday night. The best local talent are on the program.


   The Salvation Army will have the biggest time they ever had in this city on next Monday evening. They will have an ice cream festival from 5 till 9 p.m., next door to their hall. At 7:30 a grand march followed by a jubilee meeting in the barracks. There will be present: Uncle Solomon, a colored special slave for 30 years, and will sing old plantation songs. Adjt. Hargreaves, late of Texas, will give in his Texas experience. A cadet from Grand Rapids. Capt. Paton, of Hillsdale, who is to take charge of this corps. Capt. and Mrs. Walker, who leave next week for Corunna. Lieut. Lyons, who leaves Tuesday for Port Huron.


   Another circus June 4th and the boys are busy laying by the change so they can take their best girl.


   Manager Hutty has the following companies booked and will appear at the Opera House: Black Crook Co., Social Sessions Co., Dan McGinty’s Troubles.


Last Night’s Musicale.

   A large and select company of Grand Haven people, with a number from abroad filled to overflowing the spacious lower rooms of Akeley Institute last night at the musicale given by the students and graduating class assisted by Mrs. F. H. Boyce and Mrs. Ora Pearson. The rendition of the different numbers was without exception excellent, and beautifully illustrated the culmination of the Akeley Institute’s training in musical and vocal culture. Every performance charmed the large company of invited guests, who showed their appreciation by hearty applause and congratulations.


Art Reception.

   The reception at the studio at Akeley Institute, Monday afternoon and evening, was a most enjoyable and successful affair. The work gave evidence of great talent, painstaking effort on the part of the pupils and well rewarded labor on the part of Miss Lucas, the teacher. The beautiful medal for improvement in art was on exhibition during the evening. It is a very pretty piece of China painting, consisting of an oval medallion with a cherub engaged in painting the studio motto across the face bearing the inscription "Akeley 91." It was executed by Miss Lucas and will give the fortunate recipient much genuine aesthetic pleasure aside from its value as a reward for merit.



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