The Akeley Addition.

   Akeley Institute is the former residence of H. C. Akeley.  He donated his beautiful Grand Haven home to the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan in 1888 as a school for girls in memory    of his daughter.

   Mrs. Hattie Friant left Grand Rapids for New York yesterday, and sails Saturday morning for Europe. Before leaving, this generous hearted woman donated five hundred dollars to Akeley College.

   A couple of years ago Webster Batcheller of Chicago, signified his intention of donating one thousand dollars to Akeley College. This week he sent a check for that amount. Mr. Batcheller is constantly doing noble acts and this is only in keeping with his very many acts of generosity.


   The Akeley block is undergoing general repairs.


   Ionia contributed over five hundred dollars for the new building for Akeley Institute and the good work goes on in a lively manner and if it continues, there is not even a doubt of the new building going up.


   We understand that ground will soon be broken for the new 40x125 foot 4 story Akeley Institute building.


   A very nice and appropriate place for part of a scow load of gravel would be on Fifth street, on the side of the Akeley Institute grounds. The attention of our city dads is called to this much needed improvement.



   Promptly at 10:30 o’clock the Grand Haven Cornett Band marched up Washington street to the central school building and escorted the superintendent, teachers and nearly one thousand school children to the grounds of the Akeley Institute, where already had assembled the Bishop of the Diocese of Western Michigan Right Rev. Geo. D. Gillespie, Clergymen, trustees of Akeley Institute and many prominent citizens from different parts of the state, as well as a very large number of prominent ladies and gentlemen of this county and city.

   At 11 o’clock the faculty and pupils of Akeley Institute headed by Master Lawrence Wilkinson, the four year old son of Dr. Wilkinson, marched into the enclosure singing hymn No. 138 of the church hymnal. The Apostles Creed and appropriate Collects were then repeated by the Bishop and people. Then followed a short address by the Bishop; then singing of a hymn by the pupils, "In the Name which Earth and Heaven." Then the ceremony of turning the sods led by the Bishop, followed by the principal, chaplain, faculty, and pupils, trustees and citizens was performed, each person on raising the sod quoting an appropriate text from scripture, Music by the band followed this, after which brief and pertinent addresses were made by the following gentlemen: Supt. Briggs, of the city schools; Rev. A. S. Kedzie, Rev. J. W. Bancroft, Hon. Geo. W. McBride, Judge Williams, of Allegan; John Macfie, Esq., Judge Soule, and Rev. E. D. Ervin, of Hastings. Hymn No. 202 church hymnal, and doxology were then sung, followed by Rev. J. N, Rippey.

   The visitors were entertained at luncheon by the trustees of Akeley Institute. The entire ceremony passed off pleasantly.


Several errors in our article on the breaking of ground at Akeley. We, however, charge them up to the devil in our office and thus square accounts.

   The attendance of Supt. E. L. Briggs, teachers and scholars of the city at the breaking of ground for the new building for Akeley Institute, was a kindly act and one that showed when it comes to the support and building up of educational interests in our city, we are a unit, and the trustees of Akeley Institute feel under deep obligation to the above parties for kindness and encouragement shown on their part.

   Miss Mary A. White the first school teacher that was employed in Grand Haven was an interested spectator at the breaking of ground for the new building at Akeley. This honored and respected lady, during her long residence here, has always taken a deep interest to all that would lead to the building of educational interests of this city.

   The job for the carpenter work and the mason work on the new building at Akeley Institute was yesterday let to Grand Haven men they being the lowest bidders, and work on it will soon be booming.


   Work commences at once on the new building at Akeley and our citizens should extend financial aid and see the good work progress to completion as soon as possible.


   Material for the new building at Akeley is being ordered by the building committee today.


   The Grand Rapids Democrat has the largest circulation of any out side daily newspaper, but for some reason failed to make the slightest mention of the breaking ground for the new Akeley Institute building, something in which Grand Haven people are vitally concerned and West Michigan people interested. Other Grand Rapids papers and the Detroit dailies were more generous.


   All the contracts for the building of the new Akeley Institute building were signed yesterday.

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