That Shortage.

   The finance committee of the board of supervision reported to that body today a shortage in the accounts of Col. E. P. Gibbs, county treasurer for 4 years previous to Treas. Blakeney’s election. The shortage amounts to $913.50 and the committee’s report setting forth the same is too long to give in detail this afternoon.

   The committee states that none of the facts set forth in its report are in dispute by any of the parties involved and shown it leaves a "deficiency of $913.50 which E. P. Gibbs, late county treasurer, is bound to make good." Two resolutions were included in the report, one "that the above report and the subject matter therein embraced be referred to the Prosecuting Attorney for his further investigation, advice and report etc.," and the other,

   "Resolved, that the Prosecuting Attorney, with the advice and consent of the chairman of this board is hereby directed to investigate such legal proceedings as may be deemed right in the premise."


Shortage in Treasury.

   The official report of the finance committee of the Board of Supervisors altogether long, and rather complicated, gives better than any synopsis could the true condition of the shortage in the accounts of late County Treasurer Gibbs, and for the benefit of the public as well as in the justice of all concerned is published below:

[report in original Tribune article on microfilm at Loutit Library]

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