Local History Projects
Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven Newspaper Article Index - Over 6,000 Grand Haven newspaper article listings presented on a searchable spreadsheet according to the year they were originally published.  The actual day of  publication and often the location of the article in the newspaper can be found on request.

Grand Haven Day by Day - Live the every day life of a typical Grand Haven resident in the early 1890s by reading the Grand Haven Evening Tribune day by day in digitalized text and images. This is a compilation of thousands of complete articles chosen for their historical importance, how they reflected the times, or just because they were interesting.  They are set in chronological order painstakingly typed out over a three year period.

Grand Haven Stories of the Early 1890s - A collection of eight interesting Grand Haven stories including a number of short articles

Poetry by David Fletcher Hunton - A compilation of poems by David Fletcher Hunton.

Great Lakes Surfing Association - The GLSA has finally returned to it's 1964 place of birth at Grand Haven.  It has a two-fold mission to bring Great Lakes surfers to the front on the beach and pier safety problem and also to create a history of Great Lake's surfing.

Five Mile Hill Treasure Book - The story of the legendary treasure buried on Five Mile Hill in the 1870s.

Headlight Flashes - An exact reproduction of a descriptive illustrated booklet of Grand Haven for passengers on the Grand Trunk Railroad.

Dangerous Piers Deadly Currents - A workbook designed to help those trying to make our beaches and piers safer.

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