The Grand River Times, July, 1851

Business Directory—1851

BALL & MARTIN. Storage, Forwarding, and Commission Merchants. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

GILBERT & CO. Storage, Forwarding and Commission Merchants, and dealers in Produce, Lumber, Shingles, Staves &c. Grand Haven, Michigan.

F. B. GILBERT. Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Crockery and Stone Ware, Groceries, Provisions and Ship Stores. Grand Haven, Michigan.

HENRY GRIFFIN. Dealer in Staples and fancy Dry Goods, Ready made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery and Glass, Drugs, Chemicals, Medicines, Paints and Oils, and Provisions. Also, Lumber, Shingles, &c. &c.  Opposite the Washington House, Grand Haven, Michigan.

WILLIAM M. FERRY. Dealer in Dry Goods, Hardware, Groceries, Provisions, Crockery, Medicines, Boots and Shoes. Also, Manufacturer and dealer in Lumber. Water street, Grand Haven, Michigan.

HOPKINS & BROTHERS. Storage, Forwarding & Commission merchants; general dealers in all kinds of Dry Goods, Groceries, grain and provisions; manufacturers and dealers wholesale and retail in all kinds of lumber, at Mill Point, MI.

L. M. S. SMITH. Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, &c. at Mill Point, Michigan.

H. D. C. TUTTLE. M. D. Office adjoining Wm. M. Ferry’s Store, Water street, Grand Haven, Michigan.

STEPHEN MONROE. Physician and Surgeon. Office over J. T. Davis’ Tailor Shop. Washington Street, Grand Haven.

LEVI SHACKELTON. Wholesale and Retail dealer in Groceries, Pro-visions and Liquors—First door above H. Pennoyer’s. Washington Street, Grand Haven, Michigan.

SIMON-SIMEN O. E. Dealer in Groceries and Provisions. Washington Street, second door East of the Ottawa House.

OTTAWA HOUSE. By HENRY PENNOYER.—This House is well fitted and furnished, and the proprietor is is confident that visitors will find the accommodations agreeable, and terms satisfactory.

WASHINGTON HOUSE. By EDGERLY & OSGOOD. The proprietors have the past Spring newly fitted and partly re-furnished this House, and feel confident visitors will find the House to compare favorably with the best in the State.

WILLIAM TELL HOTEL. By HARRY EATON. Pleasantly situated with excellent rooms well furnished, and the table abundantly supplied with the luxuries and substances of life.

JALMES PATTERSON. Painter and Glazier. House, Sign, and Orna-mental Painting done at Grand Haven. All orders will be promptly attended to, by leaving word at this office. Shop at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

WILLIAM ORIEL. Boot and Shoemaker.—Boots and Shoes neatly repaired, and all orders promptly attended to. Washington street, Grand Haven, Michigan.

A. H. VREDENBERG. Boot and Shoemaker. Shop over William M. Ferry’s store. Water street.

CHARLES W. HATHAWAY. Blacksmith. all kinds of work in my line done with neatness and dispatch at my shop. Mill Point, Michigan.

JOHN T. DAVIS. Merchant Tailor. Shop on Washington Street, first door west of H. Griffin’s Store.

HOYT G. POST. Clerk of Ottawa County. Office over H. Griffin’s store, opposite the Washington House.

WILLIAM N. ANGEL. Register of Deeds, and Notary Public for Ottawa County. Office over Henry H. Griffin’s store, Washington street, opposite the Washington House, Grand Haven.

HENRY PENNOYER. Treasurer of Ottawa County. Office at the Ottawa House, corner of Washington and Water streets.

ASA A. SCOTT. Sheriff of Ottawa County. Office over H. Griffin’s store, opposite the Washington House.

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