The Evening Tribune September, 1891



   The two-year-old child of Mr. E. Bolthouse died last evening after a long illness. The many friends of Mr. Bolthouse and family sympathize with them in their afflictions.


   It will soon be in order to remark about Jack Frost and his paint brush.

   For Sale—The residence located on the east side of 5th street between Franklin and Clinton streets belong to Mrs. R. W. Hubbard’s estate. For particulars call at this office.

   Miss Mary Jackson, daughter of Joseph L. Jackson of the Fourth ward fell and dislocated her shoulder yesterday morning. Dr. Walkey attended the case.

   Get up and see this: During the morning hours of September 4, Wolf’s comet will pass directly over the Pleiades, or seven stars. The phenomenon is considered by astronomers of great importance, aside from its never have been witnessed.


   There is but one side to the Spring Lake toll bridge question: it ought to be free.


   The parachute makes a pretty good double barreled fool-killer.

They Are Passing Away.

   Another old resident of our city, L. Tietz, aged 64, passed away at 9 o’clock this morning, at his home on Third street. He had been confined to his bed for more than two months, and a great sufferer.

   Deceased was born in Germany, Aug. 25, 1827, and has lived in Grand Haven since 1853. The funeral will take place Monday afternoon in the St. Paul’s German church.


   Mrs. Plews of Bass River while driving home from this city Saturday lost a satchel from her buggy.

   The Corn Planter band went to Muskegon this morning, where they will take part in the Labor Day celebration.

   The fire department were called out yesterday afternoon by a blaze in the saw dust near the Spring Lake bridge. In some manner the bridle on the city team broke, and it was only through the coolness of the driver, Mr. John Kraal, that a bad accident was prevented.


   Co. F received their encampment money last evening.


   J. Donker, Sr., claims to have harvested 26 bushels of fine sweet apples from one tree right here in the city. How about the fruit belt?


   A Nuisance.—A young woman is going about town selling nick-nacks, and among other things offering to sell her illegitimate eight-month-old baby for five cents. She says she’s and Arabian and lives at Grand Traverse.


   John Justima is now a widower of savory renown ; his wife has gone to Kalamazoo, but John, he stayed in town. She will visit there a week or two and John will cook his own "grub" until she gets through, providing, of course, that he doesn’t board at some bakery or hotel, which he will probably do, for we have an idea that what John cooks will not taste well when he gets through.


   Congressional politics in the old Fifth district are beginning to look up a little.

   Mr. John Despelder will celebrate his 56th birthday Monday with his relatives and friends. John says he hopes to live 56 years more; he says also Uncle Sam is good for him as he gets his 45 dollars a month.


   Among the successful fall openings has been that of the oyster.

   Some day the knell of the Spring Lake toll bridge will be tolled. Don’t tell anyone we told you.


   How many more years will the Spring Lake toll bridge till tolls?

   A barn belonging to Henry Bramer near Ferrysburg, was struck and burned by lightning last evening. A large number of chickens and three sheep were burned also hay and farm machinery.

   G. A. Bottje’s elegant new residence on Clinton st., one of the finest in the city, is fast nearing completion. Wm. McKim, Hoskins & Co., are the contractors, and the building shows some splendid workmanship.

   During the severe electrical storm of last evening, the residence of G. J. Velters, near the C. & W. M. depot, was struck by lightning. The bolt went down the chimney, broke the stove pipe and splintered the wood box after which no trace of it was found. Fortunately none of the family were hurt.


   Mr. D. F. Hunton has purchased the house known as the Christmas house of Arie VanHall.

   How many persons are there in Grand Haven and Spring Lake that are not in favor of a free bridge that ought not really be in favor of it.

   Fire at Kirby’s shipyard as we go to press.

   On and after Sept. 16 the Grand Haven and Spring Lake bus will as follows: Leave Grand Haven at 8:00 and 10:30 a. m., and 1:30 and 4:30 p. m. leave Spring Lake at 8:30 and 11:00 a. m. and at 2:00 and 5:00 p. m.


   Everybody recognizes the advantages, yes, the necessities, of a free bridge between this city and Spring Lake.


   Who’s kicking about that old chestnut the Spring Lake toll bridge?

   The People’s Party of Ottawa Co., in convention in this city on Wednesday, resolved against endorsing the candidates of, or fusion with the Democrats or Republicans, and almost the same breath endorsed the Grand Haven Weekly Express, the would be recognized organ of Democracy in this county, as their official organ, which pardons the remark from us, "consistency thou art a jewel."


   The Morning News of Muskegon announces that they will in a few weeks get out a handsome souvenir volume of 16 pages with many illustrations of the buildings and factories of the "Sawdust Town."


   Fire broke out last evening at about 6:30 o’clock in a small house on Clinton street near A. VanToll’s residence. The place was occupied by the family of Mr. C. Baker, who is in Chicago working at the cigar trade. The building was badly burned inside and nearly all the furniture destroyed. The loss is estimated at $800.


Subject to Groaning

   The Grand Haven Evening Express is groaning terribly because it will cost $42,000 to run that town a year. We did not suppose that Grand Haven was such a small place. ―Grand Rapids Morning Press.


   Hurrah for German Day. The Germans of this city will observe German Day (Oct. 6th) by a grand celebration.


   A blaze on Bailey’s dock in Beech Tree called out the fire department this afternoon.

   Is there a another place on this mundane sphere that can produce more beautiful September weather than Grand Haven is enjoying just now?


   Quite an excitement on the street this afternoon was occasioned by a row in Graham’s saloon.


   The walks at the D. & M. depot are being repaired.


   Rob Radeke, while out walking with Wm. Zoerner and Wm. S___, found three handsome specimens of flat arrow heads on the river front near the water works yesterday.



   The fire department was called out at one o’clock this morning to fight a sawdust fire near the Spring Lake bridge. The fire spread so rapidly that the lower end of the bridge and underpinnings soon caught fire and threatened it with destruction. At last report the bridge was yet impassable. The fire men are still working.

   The second alarm fire was turned in from the tannery at about 4 o’clock a. m. proving to be another sawdust fire on the Bailey dock which was spreading to the tannery yards, but was put out before doing any damage.


Very severe frosts last night are reported from the country.

Bert VanDungan is now janitor of Akeley College.


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