The Evening Tribune September, 1891



Peter Fisher Unmercifully Pounded
by Four Men. Two Men
Arrested on Suspicion.

   Peter Fisher was a victim of a brutal assault Saturday evening, made upon him by four unknown men. Mr. Fisher was down town late in the evening with several friends, whom he left at the post office corner and started for home, it being between 11 and 12 o’clock. His home is on Columbus street in the rear of the National House and an alley runs by the side. He came through the alley and when near his home was set upon by four men, who knocked him down and kicked him severely. He got away, but was headed off and knocked down once more. Again, managing to get away, he ran to the corner of Washington and First streets where they again overtook him and began kicking him unmercifully. At this stage one of them remarked in true Irish brogue "― Mike we have made a mistake,” and all four ran away.

   Mr. Fishers head and face is one mass of bruises. His body is badly bruised and his hands and arms did not escape the terrible punishment. This morning Pat Welsh and Mike Welsh, section hands on the D. & M. railway, were arrested and brought before Judge Pagelson charged with the assault. They pleaded not guilty and were bound over two weeks on $200 bail. It is reported today that there were several onlookers who did not interfere.


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