The Evening Tribune July, 1891

Church & Society


   The young people of the Second Reformed Church will give a lawn social at the residence of Dr. A. Rysdorp on Washington Ave. Thursday evening. Singing by the Glee Club.


   Churches are particularly active in ice cream socials just now.


   An ice cream social will be given tomorrow evening at the residence of Mrs. Landen, Jackson street by the ladies of the M. E. church. A cordial invitation extended to all.


   A pleasant party was given last evening, at the residence of Mr. Geo. Stickney, in honor of Miss Annie Mclaughlin of Chicago, and Miss Marion Stickney of this city. All enjoyed themselves immensely.

   Every young gentleman who attended the party at Miss Stickney’s last evening was furnished material and compelled to make an apron for a young lady and they covered themselves with glory, in making long stitches and it is said one of the aprons will be exhibited in the World’s Fair at Chicago.

   Percy Kirby took first prize last night at the party in making an apron the best.


   Rev. Dr. Brown of Ann Arbor, preached two able and interesting sermons at St. Johns church yesterday. No stronger words of praise can be needed or said, than that although the weather was warm and church close the Rev. gentleman received the individual and careful attention of all during the delivery of the able discourse.


   The EVENING TRIBUNE is in receipt of the following notice: "At the last meeting of the W. C. T. U. the ladies voted to send the Union Signal to all editors and clergymen of the city for three months, helping thereby to help bring the cause of temperance before the people." This kindness on the part of the W. C. T. U. will in every instance be greatly appreciated.

   The Union Signal is not only the best temperance paper of the country, but is one of the best periodicals published for the home, and is a great power in helping to solve the greatest problem of the age, intemperance.


   Master Johnnie, 7 year old son of J. J. Danhof jr., gave a tea party to about 25 of his little friends last evening. They had a very jolly time all their own.


   The Second Christian Reformed church has organized a young men’s society consisting of twelve members to date. The officers appointed last evening were , President, Rev. DeYoung; Vice President, J. VanderVeen; Secretary, J. Kraai; Treasurer, A. Nederveld.

Excursion and Picnic.

   The Congregational Sunday School will give an excursion to Fruitport next Tuesday on the Joe, going at 9 o’clock and returning on any of the later trips.

   Members of this school are cordially invited to accompany them and tickets will be sold for 15 cents to children and 25 cents to adults.

   A basket picnic will occur in the grove at Fruitport, swings, croquet, etc., will be arranged and a general good time had if possible.


   The Rev. Mr. Oggle, who many people remember as pastor of the 1st Reformed church of this city, about ten years ago, is now pastor of a Reformed church in St. Thomas, West Indies. He writes that he likes the place very well, but the ways of the people are very odd. Instead of a bell announcing the hour of church, a drummer stands on the outside and drums them in, and many other queer customs.


   Miss Bessie Hancock and Mister Bert, Parish entertained in a very pleasant manner, a large number of their young friends at their pleasant home on Washington street last night.


   The German Lutheran church congregation of Grand Haven township under the charge of Rev. F. A. Kammerer, has increased its membership about 20 since the beginning of the year, so that it now numbers 52 families with a Sunday school of 60 children.


   The Junior League society of the M. E. church Spring Lake, will hold their first semi annual in the basement of that church next Tuesday evening, July 28th. The exercises will consist of reports of officers, recitations, songs and followed by a supper. As the whole affair is carried on by the children of the church, it is particularly unique and attractive. All are invited to attend.


   A very delightful tennis and tea party was given by Miss Savidge at her house in Spring Lake last evening.


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