The Evening Tribune September, 1891

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How Many Seeds.

   Quite an enjoyable affair took place at the Cairns residence, corner Fourth and Clinton streets last evening. The event was a party given by Misses Cora and Ada Cairns. One of the pleasant features of the evening was a guess at the number of seeds contained in a certain number of lemons. Each person brought a lemon, and the one guessing the nearest the number of seeds contained in all should receive a prize. Miss Grace Althouse guessed 195, which was nearest, the lemons containing just 191. Miss Clara Bell received a prize for having the lemon with the most seeds, and Mrs. Chas. Lillie won a prize by holding the lemon with the least number of seeds. Refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake were served.


   A telegram announces that C. VanZanten and wife and H. Face and wife, the Grand Haven tourists in Holland, Europe, reached New York safely yesterday. They will probably reach home tomorrow.

   Rev. H. Hipp closes his connection with the M. E. church of this city next Sunday, and will start in a few days for his new field of labor, having been appointed to a position in one of the church colleges in Tennessee.


   The German church is being given a thorough interior repainting, revarnishing and frescoing by Albers Bros. The frescos work, in some beautiful colors and designs is already finished, and looks very attractive. The work of painting and varnishing the windows, wainscoting and furniture will probably be finished Monday. The members of the church are well satisfied with the work. Albers Bros. always give satisfaction.


Lectures on Physical Culture.

   At the Presbyterian church on Thursday evening under the auspices of W. C. T. U. will be begun a series of lectures on vocal and physical culture, including the Delsaste system of gymnastics, by Miss Lydia J. Newcomb, the state lecturer, on physical culture for Michigan W. C. T. U. Miss Newcomb is a Spring Lake lady, who has won golden opinions from press and public all over the land. Says that excellent authority, the Baltimore American:

   Miss Newcomb is in all respects one of the most pleasing women who has ever stood on the lecture platform here. She is thoroughly conversant with her subject, has a most entertaining and instructive way of imparting her knowledge, and is graceful in every movement.

   Thursday evening, Sept, 17,"Delsaste Principles of Physical Culture;" Friday evening, Sept. 18, (for ladies only) "How to Dress;" Saturday evening, Sept. 19, "How to Breath and Talk;" Monday evening, Sept. 21, "How to Stand and Walk."


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