The Evening Tribune September, 1891

Resort News


   Geo. D. Sanford daily mutilates the Kirby Hotel register and then carries a way a good big dinner; wife and daughters away.

   The cool nights are here and the summer resorter is resorting homeward as a last resort.

   The summer resorter now goes down into his pocket to see what remains with which to buy his winterís coal.


   Uncle Jerry and the cool wave have knocked out the summer hotel.


   The Fruitport-Grand Haven trip is becoming popular and is frequently made by pleasure parties from the city.óMuskegon News.


   The formal opening of the repaired, repainted and refurbished City Hotel, which has again been opened to the public by its old proprietor, L. VanDrezzen, will occur soon.


   The water was never in better condition for bathing than it is these warm September days, and large crowds have availed themselves of the opportunities thus offered to take a few last dips in the surf at Highland Park.


The Park as Regards to Fire.

   As the time draws near when the Park will be deserted by all save Captain Walker, the question of fire protection demands consideration. The writer suggests that, as has already been spoken of, the telephone be left in the hotel, giving Captain Jack access to the same. This would be a small expense to the city in comparison with the interests involved and might result in the saving of the Park from total demolition. It would also seem that the city might allow Capt. Walker a stipend in consideration of his watchful and constant care of the Park. The writer can bear witness that the Captain does watch everything and is sure all residents of the Park will corroborate him. The season has not been pre-eminently successful, to say the least, and any help coming in this way, would be an encouragement to the Captain and would be also a proper recognition of the services he has rendered in preserving peace this summer. This matter is worthy of consideration by the council.


   An alarm fire was turned in last night from the Park Hotel by Capt. Walker that J. P. Braytonís cottage was afire but it was afterward learned to be Capt. Walkerís barn.


   The water at Highland Park was 74 degrees yesterday. Just the time for bathing. A party will be formed tonight to go out for a bath by moonlight.


   Go to Highland Park and take a bath in old Lake Michigan and enjoy the balmy breezes of that healthful resort.

   Bathers pronounce the water at Highland Park in better condition than it has been any time this season. Quite a number enjoyed it yesterday.

A Relic of the Battle of Waterloo.

   Capt. John Walker, Supt. of Highland Park, has a valuable relic of the famous battle of Waterloo where the great Napoleon met his downfall before the Iron Duke of Wellington, in the shape of an army spy glass used by the English General Rover during that battle, and which he presented to his grandson, Rover, Hessle of Beverly, England, in 1844. Capt. Walker purchased it while he was visiting in England in the winter of 1890. It is very powerful and of rare workmanship and some opticians who know what a good thing is have made the gallant old tar quite remunerative bids for the lens. The captain says it is even strong enough to penetrate glass, but we canít vouch for thisóprobably we did not get the right focus. The captain has other relics in his possession that will please a connoisseur to examine.


   Popular customs change suddenly; it isnít "the thing" to bathe at Highland Park today.

   "We have just closed the most successful season we have had," said Frank B. Irish of the Spring Lake House. "Our locality is becoming better known and appreciated every year. Many Chicago parties are building near us in fact all around the lake, we expect next year to lay over this."óGrand Rapids Democrat.


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