The Evening Tribune August, 1891

Wreck of "Little Harry"


   Yesterday morning a wreck was discovered on the shore of Lake Michigan in Olive township, and upon investigation was found to be the yacht "Little Harry." It was owned by Cornelious VanHoeven, who with his little son Harry were on the boat most of the time during the summer, plying between the Holland resorts. The dead body of his son was found in the cabin, but the father is supposed to have been washed off deck and drowned. Mr. VanHoeven is well known in this city having moved to Muskegon a year ago. He was 70 years of age, and leaves a widow to mourn his loss.


   The body of skipper Cornelius VanHoeven, wrecked last week with his little son Harry, on his yacht, "Little Harry," was found on the beach Saturday near Port Sheldon.

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