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   Surfing has been characterized as more of a performing art than a sport.  Surfers do want others, especially their fellow surfers, to see their best rides.  They are overjoyed if their rides are captured on film.  Grand Haven surfers will always be indebted to surf photographers such as Dan Saul, Greg Talerico, Chris Coffee, Charles Gomery, Joe White, Peggy Ray, Eleanor Beaton and others who captured and preserved their magic surfing moments.
   It was quite common for surfers to keep their surfing scrapbooks filled with pictures and newspaper clippings in their surf vehicles  to show to other surfers.     Many an evening was spent by Grand Haven surfers showing home surfing movies in the beachfront cottages while listening to surf music on record players.    A few major surfing films were shown at the high school auditorium.
   Grand Haven surfing has frequently been featured on area TV, radio and print media. Grand Haven played a prominent part in the world-wide release of local surfer/filmmaker Vince Deur’s “Unsalted.”  Grand Haven was heavily featured the book "Surfing the Great Lakes."  One local surf legend was interviewed and surfed Lake Michigan in the major movie documentary “A Step Into Liquid.”  A picture of a surfer and the Grand Haven pier made the pages of Newsweek Magazine's  "One Day in the Life of America" article.

   “I pitched him (Ocean Pacific marketing director) on the whole idea – the unique guys around the Great Lakes doing their own thing and how my film would chronicle the lifestyle and story and ‘exotic’ locations. He immediately started lighting up.”  Vince Deur  2005


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