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Pere Marquette Brakeman Killed Pier Marquette brakeman killed by snowplow on tracks
Car Ferry Grand Haven Near-Wreck Car Ferry Grand Haven nearly flounders off Milwaukee
Automobile Upholstery Manufacture Eagle Ottawa to make automobile upholstery
Grand Haven Color Postcards Central Park, Dewey Hill, Washington St. boat slip made into color postcards
Wireless Telegraph Helps Ship Wireless Telegraph helps stranded Arizona in lake  
Display Ad for NE Brown Photos  
Tribune Subscription Contest List Tribune Subscription Contest Candidates list revised
Coasting on 2nd Street Hill Regulated  
Icing 2nd Street Hill for Coasting Second Street Hill Coasters given permission to ice street
Coasters Can cross Washington St. Coasters allowed to cross over Washington Street
Boy Injured Coasting Second St. Hill  
Description of Wireless Station Description of lonely wireless station
Muskegon Commercial College Photograph of Muskegon Commercial College
Peoples Bank Organized  
Automobile Upholstery Manufacture Work on automobile upholstery at Eagle Ottawa to begin at once
Grand Haven Cut Off by Snowstorm Grand Haven cut off from outside world by snowstorm
Protection of 2nd St. Hill Coasters  
Snow Storm' Ore Mine Investment One of a number of articles on 'Snow Storm' ore mining investment
Snow Blockade Ends  
Coasting 2nd Street Hill Popularity Hundreds of coasters on Second Street Hill
Coaster Speed Clocked  Speed of coasters clocked at one mile in two minutes (30 mph)
More on 2nd Street Coasting  
Tribune Contest Winners Announced First of Tribune subscription contest winners announced
Old Ferry House Prostitution Raid Old Ferry house on 1st street raided for prostitution
Car Ferry Grand Haven Grounds Car ferry Grand Haven grounds on Dewey Hill shoals
Display Ad for Connell's Photography  
Watch On for 'Jack the Hugger' Police on lookout for 'Jack the Hugger'
Optical Illusion / Phenomena Optical illusion of burning ship on Lake Michigan 
Sheldon House Sold to J. Edgar Lee  
Proposal for Duncan (Woods) Road Proposal to build road through Duncan land to connect Lake St. with Sheldon
Roach Trap Company to Incorporate "Get 'Em Grand Haven" roach trap company to incorporate
John Parrisien Sings Indian Song John Baptist Parrisien passes on old Indian song
Tannery wants $10,000 from City Eagle Ottawa wants $10,000 from city to expand for upholstery expansion
Grand Haven Building Boom for 1910 New Bank / factory expansions / Washington St. paving / many new homes
Areas Listed for Street Paving  
Description of New City Electric Plant  
Rix Robinson History History of Rix Robinson, Pensacola Postmaster, Indian protector, relatives
Story of Grand River Lumberman  Story of Grand River Lumberman Thomas Friant
Peoples Bank Certification Notice  
Car Ferry Grand Haven Disabled Car ferry Grand Haven disabled by ice
Car Ferry Grand Haven Freed Car Ferry Grand Haven Freed from ice
Grand Haven Bank Merger Grand Haven State and Federal banks merge
Car Ferry Grand Haven Rams Naomi Car Ferry Grand Haven rams Naomi in port
Hundreds Watch Ships in Ice Hundreds line pier to watch ships battle ice
Good Coasting on 2nd Street Hill  
Reducing Water St. Railroad Tracks Proposal to reduce railroad tracks on Water St. from three to one
Coasting Injuries on Second St. Hill  
Boxing Match to be Held at Armory  
Proposal to Start Elks Lodge Proposal to start an Elks Lodge in Grand Haven
Horse Racing Movie at Vaudette "The Girls and the Jockey" at Vaudette
Life Saving Uniform Manufacture  How VanLopik came to make Life Saving uniforms - history of business
Athletic Carnival at Armory Described  
Air Dome Events Past & Present  
Athletic Carnival Preparations Construction of 'ring' for Athletic Carnival at Armory
Car Ferry Grand Haven Disabled Car ferry Grand Haven disabled in mid-lake by engine failure
Former GH Life Saver Injured Former Grand Haven Life Saver George Swarthout injured in Holland
GH High School Weak in Track Grand Haven High School has never had a strong track team - history
Grand Haven Public Library Moved Grand Haven public library moved to VanderZalm block
Tug Puts Out 28 Miles of Nets Fish tug Dornbos puts out 28 miles of nets in two days
Disappearance of Pigeons Mystery The disappearance of wild pigeons mystery
Description of Athletic Carnival  
Ottawa County Sheriff Sex Scandal Ottawa county sheriff accused of affairs with female jail inmates
Wagon Accident at Interurban Track G. Dornbos severely injured in wagon accident at Interurban tracks
Heavy Demand for Car Ferry Service The heavy demand for car ferry service at Grand Haven - need more ferries
Elks Will Organize  
Naomi Crewman Falls in Channel Naomi wireless operator, Ed. VanderVeer falls in channel - survives
Old GH Ship Captain J. Parker Dies  
Highland Park Cottage Inquires Early  Inquires for cottage rentals at Highland Park coming in early-St. Louis, Chicago
Ships Battle Ice Blockade Conestoga breaks through harbor ice blockade
Local Player Signs with Pro Team Local football/baseball star, Murel Grindle, signs with Los Angeles pro team
Capt. E. G. Crosby Visits GH Capt. E. G. Crosby comes to Grand Haven to inspect ice navigation conditions
Big Spring Lake Yacht Club Meeting  
Old Grand Haven Ice Breaker Arctic Old Grand Haven ice breaking tug Arctic at Muskegon breaking ice
Capt. E. G. Crosby Visits GH Capt. E. G. Crosby arrives to inspect ice fields for navigation
Flying Squirrels for Central Park Captured flying squirrels to be put in Central Park
Local Author to Go to Africa Local author, Stuart Edward White to go to Africa with friends
First Highland Park Residents Arrive Stacy family are first Highland Park residents to arrive for season
Popularity of Roller Skating  Roller skating replacing marbles for kids spring sports
Goodrich Line Opens Season at GH  
Letters by Telegraph Discounted Western Union discounting price of letters sent at night via telegraph
Man Goes Insane and is Arrested Valentine Knowaski goes insane and is arrested
Ottawa Leather Organized Ottawa Leather Co. organized from Eagle Tanning Co.
Haley's Comet Can be Seen at GH Haley's Comet can now be seen here on clear evenings 
City Street Paving Delayed City street paving held up due to contract dispute
New Fisher & Sons Tug Ready New Fisher & Sons tug, A. Fisher ready - description
Small Display Ad for NE Brown  
Law Requires Wireless on Steamers Law Requires Wireless on Ocean Steamers
Claus Katt to Build Speedboats Claus Katt to build to large speedboats
Lake Freight Handlers Still On Strike  
Automobile Stolen in Grand Rapids  
US Census Described  
NE Brown Patent for his Aeroplane NE Brown returns from NY City with patent for his aeroplane
Display Ad for Washing Machine  
Tips On Using Telephone  
Grand Haven Population and Census  
Ground Breaking for Peoples Bank  
Grand Haven Building Boom List 2 new banks - new homes - tannery addition - street paving - pier work
"Dew Drop Inn" play cast listed  
Small Boy Shot Dead by Accident  
Volcano Causes L. Michigan Haze Central American volcano causes haze on Lake Michigan
New Automobile for Sheriff Andres Sheriff Andres to get new motor car
Ship Captain Awarded 'Red Feather'  Conestoga skipper awarded 'The Red Feather'
Haley's Comet to be Seen at GH  
Local Man Sees Comet  
Sheriff Andres Arrives with New Auto Sheriff Andres arrives with new automobile - for official use only
Haley's Comet Sightings Disputed  
Big Store 'Stetson Hat' Display Ad  
Bricks Arrive for Street Paving First bricks arrive for Washington Street Paving
Grand Haven Short of Working Men  
Washington St. Surveyed for Paving  
Fisher & Sons Fish Tug Auger Sold  
Beautiful Ewing Cottage Completed Beautiful Ewing cottage at beach completed (Highland Park?)
Old Co. F Photographs Displayed  
Human Foot Found at Beach Human foot found at Highland Park Beach
NE Brown to Photograph Niagara F. Kite photographer NE Brown to photograph Niagara Falls - visit Eastman Kodak
Human Foot Found at Beach More on human foot found at beach by Stickney (Highland Park)  
Washington St. Paving Dispute Dispute over curbing for Washington St. paving  
Stables Banned at Highland Park   
Highland Park Complaints / Disputes Complaints of Highland Park Water Supply and Grand Rapids control of park
Grand Haven Street Paving  Grand haven man who bought automobile waiting for street paving
Highland Park Control Dispute Highland Park control dispute continues - original purpose of park - cemetery
Captain Lysaght to Retire Captain Lysaght to retire from Life Saving Service - poor health
Sheriffs Automobile Loses Hub Cap   Sheriff Andres loses rim off automobile - see lost & found
Franklin St. Home for Sale 107 Franklin St. home for sale / description
Complaint: Loafers on Washington St.  
Washington St. Paving Begins Washington St. paving begins at Fourth Street
Washington St. Paving Begins Washington St. 'plowed' for paving
Highland Park Complaints / Disputes City council to meet with Highland Park board to resolve problems
Grand Haven Ship Building Chicago Tribune article on recent Grand Haven ship building
GH Citizens and Addresses Petition lists Grand Haven residents and addresses
New GH Wireless Operator Williams named new Grand Haven wireless operator
Dead Fish threaten GH Beaches Dead fish threaten Highland Park beaches because of game law
Biography of GH Aviator Mars  
Niagara Falls Photographed  NE Brown photographs Niagara Falls from air for first time
Highland Park Control Controversy More on Highland Park control controversy 
Why Isn't Grand Haven Like Flint? Why Can't Grand Haven be Like Flint? - success of auto industry
Plan for Washington Paving  
Addition to Life Saver Supply Store Addition to Van Lopik Life Saver Supply store
Captain Lysaght Dies Captain Lysaght of Life Saving Service dies - life story
Big Ad for Navy Blouses at Addisons  
Suggestion: Rix Robinson Monument   
More GH Automobile Owners Many more Grand Haven automobile owners - better roads
Lysaght Funeral Described  
Haley's Comet Phenomena Earth to pas through tail of Haley's Comet - disrupts wireless
Tubbs Photo studio Moved for Bank Tubbs Photographic Studio moved for Peoples Bank
GH Civil War Vets Talk at Schools  
Response to Boxing Criticism Captain Dickenson responds to criticism of boxing matches at Armory
Highland Park Sand Removal Flat cars remove sand from Highland Park tracks
Complaints on Bicycle Sidewalk Law  Complaints against no bicycles on sidewalk law
Haley's Comet Phenomena Earths path through Haley Comet tail uneventful
Balloon to Pass Over Grand Haven Grand Haven notified of balloon crossing over city for centennial
Naomi Name Change Approved Approval of Naomi name change to E. G. Crosby
Washington Height Difference South side of Washington St. higher than north side
Complaints on Bicycle Sidewalk Law  Bicycle on sidewalk law complaint answered by another citizen
Steam Roller Too Heavy for Street  
Washington Street Pavers Strike Cement workers on Washington St. strike for more money
Haley's Comet Phenomena Earth passes through curve in Haley Comets tail
Man Falls into Grand River Saved Man falls off dock into Grand River and is saved
GH Factory Employee Lists   
Old GH Sawdust Roads Described Old Grand Haven sawdust roads described - excavated
GH and Holland Census Figures  Grand Haven and Holland census figures compared (1870-1910)
Canvas Roof for Air Dome Opening  
More Trouble with City Steam Roller More trouble with city steamroller and Washington St. paving
Comet Watchers at Highland Park  
Cross-Lake Balloonists Pass Over  
Stalkers on Washington St.  Girls attacked by stalkers on Washington St.
Moon Eclipse Helps Comet Viewing  
A Harrowing Life on the Lakes Local man tells of harrowing life on the Great Lakes
GH California Residents - Forest Fires Michigan resident society in California - early GH forest fires
New Street Light Proposal Proposal for new 'clustered' lights for Grand Haven
Highland Park Control Controversy Highland Park board disturbance to be discussed
Yacht Rescued Off Grand Haven  
Washington St. Foundation Work Washington St. foundation work described
Naomi Name Officially Re-Named Naomi officially re-named E. G. Crosby
Many Havenites View Haley's Comet  
Original Purpose of Highland Park Original purpose of Highland Park as sand block to Lake Forest Cemetery
More on Haley's Comet Sighting  
Steam Roller Works Better  Steam roller works better on Washington and Second St. than by First St.
Snow Fall Witnessed by Watchman Snow fall witnessed by Story & Clark watchman
Attempted Jail Break with File  
GH Owners at Highland Park Listed  
Highland Park Control Dispute  Highland Park control dispute continues 
Boys Walk from Grand Rapids to GH Four boys walk from Grand Rapids to Grand Haven in 12 hours  
Highland Park Lease Threatened Proposal to revoke Highland Park lease - supplement and page 4 column 4
Weather Station Improvements Grand Haven weather station improvements described
New Life Savers GH Station Keeper William Walker named Grand Haven Life Saving station keeper
More on Washington St. Paving  
First Brick Laid on Washington St.  
Canvas Top Ordered for Air Dome  
Highland Park Dispute Details  
GH Man Served Under Custer Grand Haven man recalls serving under Gen. Custer
New GH State Bank Described  
Highland Park to Get Mail Delivery  
Washington St. Paving Washington St. cement crosswalks removed
1st Presbyterian Church Photograph  
Comedy Team Photograph Fox and Lawrence comedy team photograph
Notice of Sparring Match at Air Dome Boxing
Paving will Improve Washington St  
Quality of City Paving Bricks  
4th of July Boxing at Air Dome  
Anti-Theft Legislation for Ships New law to protect Great Lakes ships from pilfering
More on Highland Park / City Dispute  
Grand Haven Goodrich Ships Alabama and Virginia will go on Grand Haven route for Goodrich
Pet Turkey Stolen  
First Congregational Church History Early pioneer recalls founding of First Congregational Church
Washington St. Paving Cement filler spread on Washington St.
More on Highland Park / City Dispute  
Washington House Tavern Recalled Old register recalls Washington House Tavern
Near Drowning in Channel Man rescued from drowning at Washington St. boat slip
Akeley Hall Praised  
Local Aviator Nearly Killed Muskegon Aviator J. C. Mars almost killed in his plane 
Story of GH Jefferson Davis Drum  
Chicago Man Drowns in Spring Lake Wealthy Chicago man drowns in Spring Lake
New Laws for Motor Boats  
Man Builds Mahogany Speed Boat Spring Lake man (Babcock) builds mahogany speed boat
3rd Drowing in Spring Lake This Year  
Grand Haven Goodrich Ships More on the new Goodrich passenger ships Alabama and the Virginia
Vandalism / Graffiti High school seniors in trouble over graffiti / flag
Automobile and Dewey Hill Stories Story of Havenite group with automobile and Dewey Hill
Germania Park Built German Workingman's Society builds park on Grand River
Man Injured Diving off Boseker Pier Man seriously injured diving off pole pier at Highland Park
Poor Condition of GH Water Supply  
Pier Diving Victim Recovering  
Muskegon Water Supply Problem  Muskegon has water supply problem too with their intake pipes in winter
Photographic Film Ad of NE Brown Display ad for Ansco film at NE Brown's studio
Story of Missing Man of RR Bridge  
4th Of July Boxing at Air Dome Fourth of July Air Dome boxing match set
4th of July Safety Measures Effort to provide safe Fourth of July - no toy pistols
Interesting 4th of July Clothing AD Interesting Fourth of July by Enterprise Clothing Co.
Story of June 17 Spring Lake Drowning
Another Spring Lake Drowning Another Spring Lake drowning by tannery
4th Of July Boxing at Air Dome More on Fourth of July boxing match at Air Dome
Proposal for Washington St. Opening  
Free Mail Delivery to Highland Park  
Opening of Germania Park on Fourth  Opening of Germania Park on the Fourth of July
Motorcycle Ride to Benton Harbor Hunter Robbins leaves for Benton Harbor on motorcycle
Sheriff Cleared in Female Inmate Case Deputy Sheriff Salisbury cleared of improper relations with inmate charges
Glen Curtis to Fly Across L. Michigan Glen Curtis accepts $5,000 challenge to fly aeroplane across Lake Michigan 
Grisly Death of Trainman at Station Grisly death of trainman at Pere Marquette depot
Alabama Arrival and Goodrich History  
Good Road Advocate Sidney King Sidney King - good road advocate - (?. automobile of Muskegon) 
Girl Rescued in Channel Man jumps off car ferry to save little girl at dock from drowning
Plans to enlarge Akeley Hall  
Woman Struck by Train on Franklin St.
Grand Haven - Muskegon Cannon War Detailed story of famous Grand Haven - Muskegon cannon incident
Magician at Air Dome - Big Ad  
Highland Park Mail Delivery  Difficult job of Highland Park mail delivery
Pier Construction Plans for rebuilding Grand Haven south pier
Complaints About Fog Horn  Complaints about Grand Haven fog horn inadequacy
Boseker Pier Victim Recovering  
Water Shortage  Water Shortage affecting city and Highland Park
Pirate' Crew Arrested on L. Michigan  
Pirate' Crew Arrested on L. Michigan More on 'pirate' capture - spotted by US Life Saving Service
Mysterious Body Found Floating  Mysterious body found floating in Grand River
Water Supply Problem Easing  
Highland Park Control Dispute Highland Park elections protested - hot meeting
Wright Brothers - Aviation Pioneers  Dayton, Ohio resident speaks at Grand Haven about Wright Brothers
Lincoln Assassination Witness  Spring Lake resident witnessed Lincoln Assassination
State Fair Photographs  Photographs of State Fair events - horse races, airplanes
Highland Park Re-Opening Problems  
Proposal for G. H. Automobile Factory  
Complaint of City Noise Complaint about noise in Grand Haven from steamboats, trains and factories
More on Recovery of  Pier Victim  
Highland Park - Interurban Dispute Highland Park dispute with Interurban in Grand Rapids Press yesterday.
Aviator Mars to Perform in G. Rapids Aviator Mars, former Grand Haven man, to perform in Grand Rapids 
History of Aviator Mars More on Aviator Mars - history - Grand Rapids flight
One of Three 'Pirates' Released  
Switchman Loses Foot at GH Depot  
Central Park Expansion Proposal Proposal to Join Central Park with Court House Square 
Display Ad for Robinson's Circus  
Interurban Display Ad for Aviator Mars Huge Interurban display ad for Aviator Mars flight in Grand Rapids
Lyman Twin Ad for Air Dome   
Allendale Man Injured by Automobile  
Funny Story  of Lyman Twins  Funny story of Lyman Twins in Denver barber shop
Good Photograph of Lyman Twins  
Prominent Girl Drowns in Grand River   Prominent Muskegon girl drowns in Grand River
Former GH Opens Turkish Bath Former Grand Haven man opens Turkish bath in Los Angeles
GH Man Attends Aviator Mars Show N. E. Brown attends Aviator Mars flight in Grand Rapids
State Fair Photographs / Lyman Twins More promotional State Fair photographs - Lyman Twins
Grand Trunk Railway Strike at GH  
History of Lyman Twins - Photograph  
More on Grand Trunk Strike  
Around the World Walker at GH Man who is walking around world arrives in Grand Haven
Two Escape Ottawa County Jail  
Capt Semmes Grand Daughter at GH  Grand Daughter of Captain Semmes of the Alabama at Highland Park
Pursuit of Jail Breakers with Auto Sheriff Andres pursues jail breakers to Holland in automobile
Men's Bathing Suit Ad  
Condemnation of Local Road Houses  
Taking Photographs of Jail Prisoners Sheriff Considers taking pictures of jail prisoners
Strange Death of Ira Robinson  
Story & Clark Production High Story & Clark building 18 pianos a day - 200 behind
Girl Attacked on Lake Ave.  Man caught after attacking girl on Lake Ave.
Accoster of Girl Description Accoster of girl is only 17 years old and from good family
Two GH Men Knew Buffalo Bill Cody Two Grand Haven men, Capt. Morton and Fred Warber, knew Buffalo Bill Cody
Crime Alarms Highland Park Residents Highland Park residents alarmed by recent hold-up and attack on girl
Story & Clark Picnic Described  
Girl Accoster Sick in Jail - Tonsillitis  
State Fair Promotion Photographs More State Fair promotion photographs - aeroplanes
Man Saved in Grand River E. G. Crosby crewmember saved from Grand River 
Washington St. a Boulevard? Proposal to establish Washington St. as a boulevard
Political Meetings Banned in Park Political meetings banned in Central Park
Girl Accoster Professes Innocence   Accoster of girl, Charles Swailes, professes innocence 
Crosswalk Construction Criticized Construction and removal of crosswalks criticized
Two New Grand Haven Businesses Board of Trade brings Fountain Novelty Co. and Van Motor Car Co. to G. H.
Otilda (Ray?) Free Baking School Big Photograph of Miss Otilda (Ray?) Free Baking School Lectures
Gildner Hotel Corn Field Removed Corn field in front of Gildner Hotel removed
Grand Haven is a 'Boom Town'  
Street Cleaners Busy - Washington St  
Load Ordinances for Washington St. ?  
Two Week Grand Trunk Strike Ends  
GH Workingman House Shortage  Grand Haven working men need homes - more should be built
Van Motor Car Co. Building  Building cleared for Van Motor Car Co.
N. E. Brown Aeroplane Crash  
Board of Trade Outing On Alabama  
Lost Treasure of Bills Found Lost treasure of bills found in old mill by bay
N. E. Brown Tests Helicopter N. E. Brown tests helicopter at Spring Lake
Great Lakes - Mississippi Waterway Fruit growers protest Great Lakes Mississippi waterway plan
Osterhouse Poetical Ad Photo Political ad photo of Louis Osterhouse
Accoster of Girl Case in Court Accoster of girl - Swailes case begins in court
Pier Diving Victim Still Improving  
Work on Government Pier Progressing
Accoster of Girl Case in Court Swailes case continues - defense
G. A. Bottje to Sell Horse \ Buy Auto  G. A. Bottje to sell his horse and buy new Buick automobile
Accoster of Girl Case in Court Swailes acquitted of attempted rape - 2 articles
Big Ad for E. G. Crosby Excursion  
Washington St. Torn Up for Main Part of newly-paved Washington St. torn up for water main
Highland Park Canoeing - Dangers Highland Park canoeing becoming popular - dangers
1913 GH's Greatest Industrial Year  
Description of Dake Engine Co.  
H. G. Milliman to Buy Automobile  
Ad for Pilsbeam Amusement Co. Display ad for Pisbeam Amusement Co. - acrobats
Sheldon St. to be Paved  
Wireless Prank Ship Distress Call Boys make prank 'burning ship' call on wireless
Ship's Engine Room Story Amusing story of Great Lakes ship's engine rooms
Story of Championship GH Oarsman Story of Frank E. Yates - Ellsworth Zuaves - oarsman
Automobile Craze Hits Grand Haven Automobile craze hits Grand Haven - 25 new automobiles to be bought
Story of Early GH Indian Half-Breed Story of Capt. John Snay, early half-Indian resident of Grand Haven
Old GH Baseball Players Reunion Plans for a reunion game of old Grand Haven baseball players
Sheriff's Automobile Taken to Picnic Sheriff's wife takes automobile to picnic
Lakeshore Water Unfit for Drinking Lakeshore water tested unsafe for drinking
1889 Fire Remains Found Under Bank Remains of 1889 fire found beneath Peoples Bank
Rix Robinson Descendents in Parade Rix Robinson descendents to be in Grand Rapids cavalry parade
Automobile Speeding Ticket Issued Spring Lake boy gets $15 ticket for speeding in automobile
Pier Repair and Reconstruction  Work on pier repair and reconstruction described
Water St. Railroad Tracks Reduced Railroad tracks consolidated on Water St.
Automobile Dealership to Open Local men propose to open automobile dealership
1st Fire Run on Paved Washington St.  
Water St. Railroad Tracks History  
Poetical Photographs in Newspaper Many photographs of politicians running for office during this period
Van Motor Car Co. Display Ad  New Van Motor Car Co. display ad - new company prepares for production
Man Escapes Arrest on Interurban  
GH Old-timers Baseball Game Grand Haven old-timers baseball game described
Photograph of Cornelius Andre Good political photograph of Cornelius Andre
Hydroplane Demonstrated Hydroplane demonstrated on Spring Lake
Reclaiming Old Logs  GR Herald story of reclaiming old logs - Photos of old boom boarding houses 
Battle of Santiago GH Vet reran George Andres, GH Spanish American War veteran, was in Battle of Santiago 
Photograph Ad of Great Everett Photographic ad of Great Everett at Air Dome
More on Jail Break Story  
Pier Reconstruction Continues  
Pigeon Hunting Recalled / Pigeon Hill  
Water St. Paving / Foundation Laid Cement foundation laid for Water St. paving
Display Ad for Alabama  Display ad for Grand Haven passenger ship Alabama (better version on 9/3)
Floating Body Found in Car Ferry Slip  
Automobile Speed Limit Questioned Grand Rapids man questions Grand Haven's automobile speed limit
Hydroplane Wins Spring Lake Race  
Automobile Shopping at Chicago Ed. Smith goes to Chicago to look at high class automobiles 
Car Ferry Slip Body Identified  
Highland Park Closing for Season Highland Park closing for season - evaluation good
Hydroplane Demonstration  Hydroplane gives demonstration on waterfront
Hydroplane Challenged by Boat Owner
Section of Water St. Caves In  Section of Water St. at Sewer outlet at Franklin caves in
Big Pile Driver Arrives for Pier Work  
Automobile Dealership Opposed City opposes automobile dealership location on First St.
One of Two Jail Breakers Caught  
Shade Tree Plan for Grand Haven  
Missing Grand Haven School Teacher Story of missing Grand Haven school teacher, Miles Irish
Auto Dealers Petitions City for Lot  
Car Ferry Pere Marquette #18 Sinks  Car Ferry Pere Marquette sinks off Sheboygan yesterday
More on Mysterious Car Ferry Sinking  
Spiritualist Predicted Ship Sinking Spiritualist predicted sinking of Marquette #18
Runaway School Teacher Returns Runaway school teacher Miles Irish returns home
Fastest Boat on Spring Lake Spring Lake Boat Club has speediest boat (hydroplane - 32 mph)
Proposal to Revive Sport of Rowing  Proposal to revive old oar/rowing sport - sculling
More Runaway School Teacher Story  
Car Ferry Design Problems What is wrong with car ferry construction
More on Car Ferry Wreck Probe  
Runaway School / Lapse of Memory School teacher Irish had a lapse of memory
Wireless Operator Blamed for Wreck Wireless operator criticized in Marquette #18 disaster
2 More Marquette 18 Tragedy Stories  
Ironsides Anniversary Remembered Wreck of the Ironsides at Grand Haven in 1873 Remembered
Jail Bars Strengthened - Jail Breaks   
Time Capsule found in Church  Time capsule found in Presbyterian Church
Air Dome Canvas Replaced  
Ship Sinking Survivor Testimony Marquette #18 survivor of sinking gives testimony
Spring Lake Motor Boat Club Report  
Washington St. Pavement Criticized Teamsters criticize Washington St. pavement
Many SOS Calls from Gasoline Boats Us Life Saving station gets many distress calls from gasoline boats (motor boats) 
Pier work Progressing Well  
Spring Lake Boat Club - Clubhouse Spring Lake Boat Club to build clubhouse
Story of Moore Farm on Sheldon St. Story of famous Moore Farm on Sheldon St.
Highland Park Sues H P Hotel Highland Park files suit against Highland Park Hotel
Church Time Capsule Opened  Time capsule found at Presbyterian Church opened
Ad for Pinehurst Lots Big display ad for lots on Pinhurst (sp?) $1 down - 50 cents per week
Local Indians Get Government Pmnt. Native Americans, John Parrisien, George Robinson get Government payment
New Church Tower Described New tower at Presbyterian Church described
Old GH Horse Racing Track Recalled  Old Grand Haven harness racing track recalled
Native Americans Praised Last of Native Americans praised by Tribune
N. E. Brown to Test Airplane Again N. E. Brown to test his airplane again
Proposal to Form Up GH Boy Scouts Proposal for Grand Haven Boy Scouts - history
Colored' Blind Boy Loses 2 Dollars   Ned Smith, local 'colored' blind boy loses two dollars
Photograph of Evangelist O. A Miller Many other identical photos published during this period
Wireless Operator Blamed for Wreck Wireless operator Clark Co accused of interference in Marquette #18 sinking
Johnston Bros, Gets Acetylene Torch Johnston Bros. Boilers gets powerful acetylene blow torch
G. Rapids Used Autos Display Ad Display ad for used autos in Grand Rapids
Marquette #18 Sinking Report Investigation report on sinking of Pere Marquette #18
1889 GH Fire and Re-Birth Recalled  
GH Sheriff Accused of Misconduct Holland Sentinel launches attack on Sheriff Salisbury for misconduct
Gold Life Saving Medal Awarded James Cummings relieves Gold Life Saving Medal after 32 years 
25th Anniversary of 1889 GH Fire  
Boy Scout Troop to Organize Tribune to help organize Grand Haven's first Boy Scout troop
Boy Scout Officers Chosen Officers chosen for GH's first Boy Scout Troop - charter members listed
Grand Haven Beautification Program Grand Haven beautification program:  shade trees, parks, boat slip
S. L. Bridge Repair Payment Problem Spring Lake bridge repair payment problem
Peoples Bank Construction New decorative pillars for Peoples Bank arrive
Early GH Building Material Described Quality of early Grand Haven building materials described
Map of Pennoyer & Grant Subdivision Good map of Pennoyer and Grant subdivision
City Plan for Workers Housing  
Life Saver Check Bandit Caught  
Barretts Boat Works Improvements New improvements at Barretts Boat Works described 
Spring Lake Resort Qualities Spring Lake is a pleasure seekers paradise
Milwaukee 'Diamond Head' Pier Done  
Highland Park Cottages Burglarized  
Sheet Music for "The Tramp and " Sheet music for "The Tramp and Little N"
Work on South Pier Progressing  
Chicago Civil War Zuaves Reunion Reunion of Civil War Zuaves in Chicago - Frank Yates
Return of Spring Lake Toll Bridge? Possibility of return of Spring Lake toll bridge
More on Washington St. Paving  
Washington St. Shade Trees More on Washington St. shade trees
Air Dome Dismantled for Season  
Log Thief Released Old man who stole log released from jail
NE Brown Works on Airplane N. E. Brown continues to work on his aeroplane
Offer to Buy Government Pond U. S. Corps of Engineers looking to buy Government Pond from railroad
30 Yr. Anniversary of Loss of Alpena  
Helmets to Football Team Donated N. Robbins donates helmets to Grand Haven High School football team
Bad Check Writer Found Dead in Jail Live Saver bad check writer found dead in jail cell
Central Park Annual Maintenance Central Park annual cleaning and trimming
Call for Reward for Tug Crew   Wisconsin paper calls for reward for Kendricks tug crew - Gold Life Saving Medal
Howard St. Property Seized U. S. Corps of Engineers seizes Howard St. property
St. Louis Balloons Spotted  St. Louis balloons spotted over Lake Michigan
Cummings Receives Life Saving Medal Kendricks receives Gold Life Saving Medal for Cummings
Automobile Garage Pans Fall Through Plans to open automobile garage fall through
GH Tug Sees St. Louis Balloons  
Extraditing Prisoners in Mexico Sheriff Andres has problems extraditing prisoners in Mexico
St. Louis Balloon Passes over GH German balloon from St. Louis passes over Grand Haven
1831 West Michigan Map Described  
Police Problems with 'Mean Drunks'  
Real Estate Balloon Ad Balloon ad for real estate observation
Vans Motor Car Co. Ready to Start Van Motor Car Co. ready to start automobile production
Local Peach Orchard History Early history of Ottawa County peach orchards
Peter Russell Photograph Photograph of Peter Russell in characteristic attitude
Peoples Bank Opens in New Building  
Old GH Balloon Tragedy Recalled  
Mean Drunks' Want Fair Play  
GH Man's Suicide Questioned Suicide of Grand Haven man in Colorado questioned
Sheriff Resigns Because of Scandal Deputy Sheriff Salisbury resigns because of scandal
AFL Tries to Unionize GH Labor  
Odd Ottawa Co. Character Described Phenomena
Grand River Peal Fisheries Described 
Government Pond Pier Nearly Done  Government Pond pier section nearly completed
Van Motor Car Loses Wheel  Automobile belonging to Van Motor Car Co. loses wheel
Phenomena - Huge Coal Chunk N. Robbins displays huge chunk of coal
1st Woman to Get Hunting License  Mrs. J. W. Pierce first woman in Ottawa county to get deer hunting license 
Photograph of Peoples Savings Bank  
Charles Townsend Photograph Photograph of Charles Townsend for senator
Beach Used for Motorcycle Track Grand Haven man uses Highland Park beach for motorcycle speedway
Murder of Fur Trader LaFramboise Murder of fur trader Joseph LaFramboise recalled
Early GH Life Saving Service Recalled  
Pumpkin Seed Counting Contest End   
New Time Capsule Placed in Church New time capsule placed in Presbyterian church
List of Church Time Capsule Contents Detailed list of contents placed in Presbyterian Church time capsule
Plea to Preserve GH Athletic Field Plea to preserve Grand Haven athletic field and playground
Airplane Clothes Ad  
Story of Porcupine Wreck Spring Lake Story of the War of 1812 warship Porcupine sunk in Spring Lake
New Temple Theater to Open Description of new Temple Theater
Photograph of J. H. Rutter Ludington runs photograph of J. H. Rutter - Kendrick saved the crew
GH Chronologist Peter Jobin Peter Jobin, Grand Haven chronologist, recalls local historical dates
Interurban Fugitive Recaptured Grand Haven jail breaker who jumped from Interurban is recaptured
Van Motor Car Collides With Buggy  
Pension Sought for Life Savers  
Grand Haven's New Billiard Hall Description of Grand Havens new billiard room - grand opening
1855 Cholera Epidemic Recalled  
Presbyterian Church Interior Described Supplement
Jail Breaker Tells His Escape Story   Jail breaker tell his escape story - almost ran into cannon in Central Park - supp
GH Man Plays on UM Football Team Edgar Wyman of Grand Haven plays on University football team - Yost is coach
NE Brown Continues Airplane Work  N. E. Brown continues to work on his aeroplane
GH Boy Scouts Seek Scout Master New Grand Haven boy Scout Troop seeks scoutmaster
Pier Work at Gov. Pond Continues  
Night Shirt Parade on Washington St. Grand Havens has first night shirt parade on Washington St.
Automobilist Seeks Bail Money Automobilist seeks 'soft' 100 dollar bills for bail
Story of NE Brown's Flying Machine  
Fisher vs. Dornbos Tug Race  
Fisher vs. Dornbos Tug Race  
Real Estate Home Photograph Ad  
Fisher vs. Dornbos Tug Race  
Sheldon St.- Lake St. Road Proposal  Proposal to build 'short-cut' road (Woodlawn?) between Sheldon and Lake streets
Buster Brown in Store Window Buster Brown and (Tiger?) appear in Grand Haven store window
Real Estate Home Photograph Ad  
Importance of Grand Haven Harbor US Government reporting importance of Grand Haven as a port 
Van Motor Car Co. Test Automobile The building of the test car for Van Motor Car Co.
Close Post Office on Sunday Proposal Proposal to close the Post Office on Sunday
Auto-Sled Tested on Washington St.  N. E. Brown's hydro auto-sled tested on Washington St.
Request to Dredge Harbor Mouth Request for U.S. dredge Meade to clear sand bar out of harbor mouth
Principles of the Boy Scout Movement  
Street Lights on Interurban Poles Interurban poles to be used to mount street lights
Photograph of William Wilds Photograph of new City Clerk William Wilds
Fishermen Want Better Conditions  
Big Automobile Display Ad  
Photograph of Burned Steamer Ottawa
Santa in Automobile Image Drawing of Santa Claus in automobile
GH Red Cross Chapter Forms Red Cross chapter forms in Grand Haven
New Plans for Gildner Hotel  
Real Estate Home Photograph Ad  
GHHS Football Team Photograph Grand Haven High School football team photograph
Van Motor Car Co. First Automobile Van Motor Car Co. completes first automobile
Sheet Music for Folk Song  
NE Brown Drives Hydro Auto Sled  
Sledding Begins on Second Street Hill  
Alabama Strikes Pier by Gov. Pond Alabama strikes pier by Government Pond
Tribune Chronology For 1910   


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