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Van Motor Car Co. Resignation  VanAtwerp resigns from Van Motor Car Co.  
Local Good Roads Movement Started  
Spring Lake Country Club Founded   
GH Street Paving Specs and Contract Specifications and contract for paving Grand Haven streets
Ferry Estate Case Goes to Supreme Ct. William Ferry estate case goes to Supreme Court
Problems with Harbor Mouth Sand Bar Supplement
GH Wireless Station Reopens  Grand Haven wireless station reopens for Goodrich Transportation Line
Victor Victrola Ad and Drawing  
GH Sledding Described - Dangers  
New Car Ferry Marquette #18 New car ferry Marquette #18 to begin operations 
GH Port Record for 1910  
GH Presbyterian Church History Early years and description of Grand Haven's First Presbyterian Church
Early Grand River Valley Fur Trading Grand Rapids Herald runs article on early Grand River Valley fur trading 
Big Train Wreck at Nunica  
Seamen Complain About GH Foghorn  
Highland Park Cottage Collapses Highland Park cottage collapses onto beach (Mercer)
Victor Victrola Ad (Better)  
Wheel Tax' Favored   'wheel tax' (buggies, automobiles, (bicycles?) favored for GH street improvement 
Michigan Horse Thief Gang Recalled History of Michigan horse thief gang recalled 
Real Estate Home Photograph Ad  
GH Steamship Passenger Data Grand Haven is second in steamship passenger volume on Lake Michigan
New Van Motor Car Co. Executive Martin Waboke takes position with Van Motor Car Company
GH Postmaster Photograph Photograph of Grand Haven Postmaster Frank Hutty
Pier Work Finished / Good Description  
Captain John Mulligan Obituary  
Washington St. Paving Finished  
Full Page 'Jesus Saves' Poster  
GH Girl 'Hero' in Nunica Train Wreck  
Boston Blackie Reported Dead Shorty the Hobo' in town - Reports Boston Blackie dead
Early Holland History of Late Dirk Vyn  
Roller Skating Rink to Open at Armory  
Dooler Machine Shop Organized  
Peter Danhoff for Circuit Judge Photo Photograph ad of Peter Danhoff for Circuit Judge
Fire Alarm System Seldom Used Expensive fire alarm system is seldom used
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Powder mill explosion at Kenosha, WI causes 'earthquake' at Grand Haven
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Shock effects of blast - similar blast caused earthquake five years prior
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Kenosha explosion shock was like an earthquake
Former GH Man Flies Plane in Japan Former Grand Haven man, Bud Mars, makes first airplane flight in Japan
Around World Walker Arrives in GH  Newsboy walking around world arrives in Grand Haven
Photograph of Grand Haven Farms  
Progress of Van Motor Car Co. Description of operations
Automobile Speeding Complaints Complaints on automobiles speeding in residential areas
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Grand Haven man reports on explosion at Kenosha that caused GH earthquake
1885 Presbyterian Time Capsule Description of digging up of 1885 Presbyterian Church time capsule
History of GH Presbyterian Church  Big history of Grand Haven Presbyterian Church - photos - starts on page 1
Grand Haven Water Co. May Close Grand Haven Water Co. (Wiley Water Works) may close
VanZanteick's Recall Early GH Recollections of early GH settlement days by Dirk and Govert VanZantwick  
First Presbyterian Church Dedication Big ad display poster for First Presbyterian Church Dedication
First Presbyterian Church Dedication Description of Presbyterian Church Dedication
Strange Man Sighted at Highland Park  
Wiley Water Works Goes Up for Sale Grand Haven Water Co. (Wiley Water Works) goes up for sale -$30,000
Grand Haven Faces Water Crisis Wiley Water Works closing causes a Grand Haven water crisis
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Report in Scientific American on Kenosha Powder Mill explosion / GH earthquake 
N. E. Brown to Build Hydroplane  
Spring Lake Golf Course Design Expert from Scotland here to design Spring Lake golf course
Argument on Good Road Proposals Farmers argue good county roads will favor automobiles over farmers
Van Motor Car Co. Foreign Exports Van Motor Car Co. ships abroad
Ground Breaking for Auto/Boat Garage Ground Breaking for new automobile and boat repair garage
Van Motor Car Road Test to Detroit Van 22' automobile begins road test to Detroit for Van Motor Car Co.
Brigg-Thieleman Automobile Franchise Brigg (Briggs?)-Thieleman get automobile franchise from Detroit.
Grand Haven 'Colony' in Los Angeles  Description of Grand Haven 'colony' in Los Angeles
Black Hand' Mysterious Letter Case Grand Haven has 'black hand' mysterious letter writing case
Proposal for GH Auto-Bus Service Cornelius VanderNoot may start a Grand Haven automobile-bus service
Photograph Ad for Ford Model T  
Indecent Exposure On Franklin St. Indecent exposure 'flasher' seen on Franklin St.
Flowers for Grand Haven Streets Dr. Hofma to beautify Grand Haven streets with flowers
Grand Haven Becoming a Dirty Town Grand Haven is becoming 'dirty town' from factories, ships and trains
GH Veteran of Civil War Shiloh Battle Geo. McBride is only Grand Haven veteran of the Civil War Battle of Shiloh
Eagle Ottawa and Automobile Industry Eagle Ottawa Tannery making upholstery for automobile industry
Old Fruitport Fighting Match Recalled Old boxing match at Fruitport recalled
GH Man Made US Army Captain Edward Andres made US Army captain on Mexican border
Automobile in Big Store Clothes Ad  
Old Smoke House Behind Vaudette  
22 Yr Old Arrested:  Child Molestation  
Seventh St. & Franklin Park Improved  
Man of Memory' Recalls GH History Peter Jobin, 'Man of Memory' remembers Grand Haven historical events -dates
Van Motor Car Sent to Australia  
Opportunist Sets Up on Fourth St. Opportunist, Prof. E. C. Folt sets up at 17 Fourth St.
GH Man to Drive Automobile to Idaho  
Boat Marina to Set Up at Spring Lake Consumer Gas Engine and Supply co. to set up speedboat marina on Spring Lake
Mary White Photograph / Students Photograph of Mary White and list of her 1850-1851 students
Old GH Schooner Ottawa Sinks Old Grand Haven schooner Ottawa sinks off Sturgeon Bay - 4 lost
Runaway Automobile Causes Damage Runaway automobile damages buildings and sidewalks
Kenosha Blast Causes GH Earthquake Kenosha powder mill explosion caused $500,000 damage
Three GH Streets to be Paved Fulton, Seventh and Third Streets to be paved this year
Van Motor Car Co. / 4 Passenger Car Van Motor Car Co. to build 4-passenger car for N. Robbins
1910-11 GH financial Statement Annual Grand Haven financial statement for 1910-11
Grand Havens First 'Bus' Big 8-person transit automobile arrives for service in Grand Haven 
Characteristics of Dutch Immigrants  Dutch Immigrants described - Dutch invasion
Briggs - Thieleman Auto Garage Ad Full page ad for EMF 30' - Briggs - Thieleman automobile dealers 
Pier Re-construction / Stone Moved Pier stone moved from old cribs into new cribs at pier (Government Pond area)
Story of Grand Haven Arrowheads  
Company F History / Captain Yates Creation of Company F creation - Captain Yates
GH Boy Scout Rally at Terry Beach Supplement
Co. F Trumpeter Climbs Flagpole Company F trumpeter climbs flagpole at armory - Supplement
Co. F Original Roster Listed  
St. Johns Church Origins Organization of St. Johns German Evangelical Church recalled
Bad Influence of Open Saloons  Letter to Editor:  the bad influence of open saloons on young boys
12th District Life Saving Crews Listed All crews for United States Life Saving Service 12th District listed
Co F Former Members Wear Badges Company F former members wear badges about town
NE Brown Tests His Hydroplane  
Co F Veterans Celebrate at Armory  
Original Vaudette Changes Ownership  
GH Summer Water Supply Crisis Grand Haven is facing a summer water supply crisis
Big Beer Truck Arrives  Big beer truck arrives from Milwaukee on steamer
Popularity of GH Boy Scout Movement  
Expansion of Grand Haven  Grand Haven 'spreads out' to home building - Sheldon St.
Automobile Runs Out of Gas Automobile runs out of gas - abandoned at Ferrysburg
Ford Model T Runabout Ad  
GH Civil War Vet at Petersburg Grand Haven man hoisted the first flag over Petersburg in Civil War
Kate E. Howard Crew Rescued Story of crew rescued from shipwreck Kate E. Howard
Automobile Dealership Cornerstone Cornerstone laid for Briggs-Thieleman automobile garage
Gas Rule for Automobile on Steamers Automobile gas tanks must be emptied before loading on steamers
GH Has Many Scarlet Fever Cases  
Negotiating for Carnegie Library Woman's Club negotiating for Carnegie library
Civil War Vet Dick Sanford Dies / obit  
City Water is Contaminated  
Pier Work Contracts Awarded  
2nd Automobile Dealership Secured Briggs-Thieleman secure second automobile dealership
Photograph Real Estate Ad Real estate photograph ad for 1111 Washington Ave.
Highland Park Cottages Burglarized  
Automobile Kills Dog at Bridge  
Automobiles Travel to Muskegon Grand Haven officials travel to Muskegon by automobile
Spring Lake Country Club Construction Work progresses on Spring Lake Country Club
Fruitport - Muskegon Road Described Description of Muskegon - Fruitport road - example of a 'good' road
Scarlet Fever Quarantine Enforced  
GH Elks Lodge First Year Reviewed  
Gas Light to be Installed on North Pier Gas light to be installed on end of north pier
Gum Ball 'Cigar' Machines Outlawed Gumball gambling machines that pay out with cigars outlawed 
Grand Haven Small Parks Beautified  
Civil War Battle Retold by GH Veteran George McBride, Civil War vet, tells the story of the Civil War Battle of Shiloh
Steamship Automobile Gas Saving  Goodrich steamer automobile gas-saving plan praised
Funny Big Store Clothing Ad   
GH Piers Very Popular for Fishermen  
Sheriff's Automobile-Bicycle Collision  
Mysterious 'Man of Ventura' Dies Mysterious 'Man of Ventura' dies - life story
Early History of Lake Forest Cemetery Story of the beginning of Lake Forest Cemetery
Introduction of '20 years Ago' Column  
Color Blind' Test for Lake Pilots Steamboat pilots must take 'color blind' tests
Automobile Plunges Off SL Bridge Automobile plunges off Spring Lake bridge - two survive
Man Takes Automobile Lessons  
Woman Saves Man From Drowning Woman saves man from drowning in Spring Lake
Spring Lake Country Club Construction Spring Lake Country Club nears completion
Interurban Tracks Cleared of Sand Interurban tracks at Highland Park cleared of sand
Cummings Shipwreck Recalled Wreck of Cummings off Milwaukee recalled
Muskegon Lumber Record Surpassed Portland Oregon surpasses Muskegon's lumber record 
Grand Haven Water Crisis additional articles
New Food Store on Washington St.  
Man with Automobile '13' Dies Man with number '13' on his automobile dies
Fire Truck Eases Water Shortage Rix Robinson fire truck eases Grand Haven water shortage
Description of Ottawa Company  
New GH Water Well Points Sought New water well points sought to ease water supply shortage 
H P Pavilion Leased / History Boseker leases out Highland Park pavilion - history of pavilion
Steamships Alabama and Virginia Goodrich steamers Alabama and Virginia described
Musk. Company Gets Pier Contract Muskegon company gets Ludington pier breakwater construction contract
Truck Company Started at G. Haven Grand Haven man builds automobile truck - starts truck company
Automatic Phonograph Demonstrated  
Spring Lake Hotel Improvements  
Rig Driver Charged with 'Blocking' Automobile driver charges rig driver with blocking
Automobile Causes Accident Automobile causes pedestrian accident
Automobile Hits Boy on Bicycle Holland man hits boy on bicycle with automobile
Cottages Pump their Own Water New summer bungalows (cottages?) at 'Loop' pump their own water (windmills?)
May Graham to Start River Route May Graham, river steamer, to start Grand River route
Automobile - Train Collision Escape Grand Rapids man has narrow escape from automobile - train collision
New Marble/Granite Company at GH Grand Haven to get new marble/granite company
Cross-Continent Automobile in GH Man driving automobile from Flint to Spokane arrives in Grand Haven
GH State Bank Dedication Day Dedication of Grand Haven State Bank - photographs
List of Soldiers & Sailors in Cemetery List of soldiers and sailors buried in Lake Forest Cemetery
Description of GH State Bank Opening Description of Grand Haven State Bank opening
Two-Day 'Seiche' Hits Grand Haven Grand Haven has 2-day 'seiche' (Lake Michigan water level fluctuation) 4-5 foot! 
South Haven Harbor / Dredge Meade Grand Rapids Herald story/photographs on South Haven harbor - dredge Meade
Vuadette to be Rebuilt / New Theater  
New Switchboard for Telephone Co. Telephone company to get new switchboard
Highland Park Pier Collapse End of Highland Park pier collapses
GH boy Scouts Explained  
Fastest Speedboat to be Built at SL Fastest Speed Boat to be built at Spring Lake
Highland Park Takes Boseker to Court Highland Park takes Boseker to court over concession (?)
Briggs-Thieleman Garage Completed New Briggs-Thieleman automobile garage completed
Big United States Motor Car Co. Ad  
GH Written Up in Interurban Booklet Grand Haven written up with photographs in Interurban booklet
Pioneer School Days Recalled Grand Haven pioneer school days recalled by Mary White
New Government Light Ship Described Charles Pennoyer describes new government light ship
Interurban Track Moved / Street Paving Interurban track moved for Fulton Street paving
Spring Lake Country Club Opens Today  
May Graham to Start River Route May Graham arrives at Grand Haven for river service
Decrease in Lake Michigan Fish Decrease in Lake Michigan fish explained
Steamship Minnesota Greeted at GH Steamship Minnesota greeted at Grand Haven - description of boat
Automobile in Temple Theater Ad Automobile drawing in Temple Theater ad
GH Boy Drowns Off Pier at Gov. Pond Grand Haven boy falls off pier and drowns in Government Pond
Firecracker Causes False Alarm  Firecracker prank leads to false alarm for bank robbery
Automobile Racing Celebrities in GH Automobile racing celebrities in Grand Haven
Yankee Doodle Stock Co. Ad Big photograph ad for Yankee Doodle Stock Company 
New Automobile Truck Tested OK New auto-truck tested successfully
State Automobile Speed Laws Enforced State automobile speed laws to be enforced in Grand Haven
Spring Lake Motor (Boat?) Club Party  Spring Lake Motor (Boat?) Club to have party at Fruitport
Ad for GH Made Wicker Furniture  
Water Sports Preferred Over Baseball  Water sports are preferred over baseball by Havenites and Detroiters
Life Savers Assist Disabled Motor Boat Life Savers assist disabled motor boat in Lake Michigan
May Graham Doing Good Business May Graham doing good business on Grand River
Story of Old Shipwreck by Mary White  
Automobile Causes Buggy Runaway  Automobile causes buggy runaway on Beechtree St.
Electric Shoe Repair Machine Drawing Drawing of electric shoe repair machine at Grand Haven
Big United States Motor Car Co. Ad  
Bather Supply Ad / Suits, Wings, etc    
Motor Boat Racing Booming in SL Motor boat racing booming in Spring Lake
Huge Ad for Buick Runabout Huge automobile ad for Buick Runabout
New North Pier Light Fully Automatic  
Local Man with American Motor Co. Charles Boyden connected with American Motor Co.
Spring Lake Motor Boat Races  Spring Lake motor boat races described
New Telephone Switchboard Installed   
Automobile for Big Liberty Brush Ad  
Sheriff's Automobile Crashes Sheriff's automobile crashes on Washington St.
Grand Haven's First Dutch Settlers The VanZantwicks were the first Dutch settlers at Grand Haven
May Graham Saved From Fire  
Old Man Found Dead in Pier Crib  
GH's New Telephone Equipment Description
Eddie Wilde Life Guard at Beach  Eddie Wilde is lifeguard at Highland Park beach
More on Pier Crib Victim  
Circus Automobile Act at Muskegon Description
City Water Tapping Scandal  Investigation demanded in City water tapping scandal
Spring Lake Bride Suicides:  Poison Young Spring Lake bride suicides by poisoning
Ad for 'Uses of Automobile'   
Air Dome Loses Money  
Old Pier Stone Dumping Accident (Hurd?) carries pier stone - old pier stone dumping accident recalled
Motor Boat Violators Nabbed Motor boat violators nabbed at Spring Lake Motor Boat Club
Highland Park Platt Drawn Up Highland Park plat drawn up - complaint against grocery stores
City Street Paving Progressing City street paving progressing on Seventh, Third and Fulton Streets
Visionary Describes Resort Future Visionary describes future of Spring Lake Country Club and Highland Park Roads
S. L. Monroe Purchases Touring Car  
Two Horses Die in Barn Fire  Two horses die in barn fire on Seventh Street
Camera Kite Mistaken for Balloon N.E. Brown's camera kite mistaken for balloon
May Graham Doing Good Business May Graham doing good business on Grand River
Postal Delivery by Automobile Holland uses automobile to deliver mail
GH Officers on Lookout for Stolen Auto Grand Haven officers on the lookout for automobile stolen in Grand Rapids
Briggs Injured by Auto in His Garage Briggs injured by automobile while working in his garage
NE Brown Takes Good Pictures of City  
May Graham Ad  
City Water Tapping Scandal  Warrant sought in city water tapping incident
Great 4-State Automobile Tour Begins  
Ten Commandments for a Cleaner City  
Repair Automobiles in Spring Lake  
Near Death in Airplane Accident Bud Mars (James McBride) near death in airplane accident - life story!
Racism Case of Black Singer  
GH Man has Alpena Shipwreck Artifact  
Bicyclist Abuse Rights  Bicyclists abuse right to drive on sidewalks
Light Weight Champion Boxer in GH  
Picnic Day Poem / Story  
GH Man Plays Pro Football at Seattle  Murel Grindel of Grand Haven to play pro football at Seattle
Automobile Trip to Mackinaw City Charles Blakely completes automobile round trip to Mackinaw City
Bank Deposits / 20 Year Comparison City bank deposits compared to twenty years previous
Acrobatic Comedy Team to Perform Acrobatic comedy team to perform at Air Dome
Story & Clark Picnic on Nyack (1,000?) Story & Clark employees picnic on steamship Nyack
Jungle Drinking' in Holland Described  
Boy Scout Camp at Terry Beach  
Wiley Water Works to Close  
Automated Smoke House Described  
HP Pier and Beach Slide Destroyed Beach slide and pier destroyed at Highland Park
Postal Savings Bank Established Postal Savings Bank established at Grand Haven
Aviator Bud Mars Returns to Muskegon  
Hundreds Visit Pier to Watch Storm    
Steel Swindler Caught in Grand Haven  
Sangers Amusement Show Poster (circus)
Bizarre Murder at Conklin  
Huge Ad for Maxwell Touring Car   
Water Works Ordered Not to Close  Judge orders Wiley Water Works not to shut down
Challenge Machinery Fruitport Picnic   
Ram Responsible for Conklin Murder  
GH Building Boom Described  
Ram Theory Disputed in Conklin Murder
Wiley Water Works Shut Down Wiley Water Works shuts down despite court order
Pranksters Set Packer in Street Pranksters set ice cream packer in middle of street
New Cement Sidewalk at Highland Park Sidewalk built through Lovers Lane in Highland Park
Only One Carrier Pigeon Returns to GH Only one of 57 carrier pigeons returns to Grand Haven from Milwaukee
Sheriff Andres Bus New Automobile Sheriff Andres purchases new REO 5-passenger automobile
Crackdown on Downtown Loiterers Police to crack down on downtown loiterers
Interurban Runs Over Homing Pigeon  Returning Milwaukee homing pigeon run over by Interurban
GR Druggist Killed by Automobile  Grand Rapids druggist killed in automobile accident
Wild Pigeon Days Recalled Wild pigeon days recalled / shot from Dewey Hill
City Water Problem Relieved by Points City water shortage problem relieved by auxiliary well points
Homing Pigeons Ride Car Ferry Homing pigeons return from Milwaukee on car ferry Grand Haven
Ottawa Co. Automobile Association Ottawa County Automobile Association formed at Holland
Kentucky to G. H. by Automobile Kentucky family travels to Grand Haven by automobile
Highland Park Beach Safety Highland park has beach lifeguards and roped rings
Street Paving Described Paving of Fulton and Seventh streets described
Homing Pigeon Experiment Described Lake Michigan homing pigeon experiment described
Grand Haven Shopping Guide Extract  
Jealous Husband Shoots Wife Jealous husband shoots wife in Washington St. apartment
Automobile Hits Light Pole  
No GH Police from 5 am - 7 am Grand Haven is without police from 5 am to 7 am
GH Old 'Colored' Man - 91st Birthday Old 'colored' man celebrates 91st birthday
New Colonial Restaurant Described  
Vaudette Theater to be Remodeled Vaudette Theater to be completely remodeled
Stoddard Dayton Automobile Ad  
Wagon Ticketed for No Right of Way Wagon driver ticketed for not yielding 'right of way' to Automobile
First Meeting at Eagle Hall  
GR Girl goes on Automobile 'Joy Ride' Grand Rapids girl goes on automobile 'joy ride' to Grand Haven 
Automobile Windshield Broken Spring Lake Mayor's automobile windshield broken on Jackson St. 
North Pier Light Changed to Red North pier light changed to red. - description of operation
Ad for Woman's Fur Lined Corsets  
Complaints on Pumping Station Smoke Hill residents complain about smoke from pumping station
Wiley Water Works Guilty of Stealing Wiley Water Works found guilty of stealing city water
More Cross Lake Pigeon Experiments More experiments with homing pigeons crossing Lake Michigan
Woman Rescued from Rip Current Woman rescued from undertow (rip current) at Highland Park
Van Motor Car Co. Building Foreclosed  
Liberty Brush 'Economy' Automobile Ad  
GH Man Charged with Rape of Little Girl  
(Automobile?) Drives Into Grand River  Gary Verhoeks drives into Grand River on $1 dare 
GH Man Pleads Guilty on Rape Charge Man who raped little girl pleads 'guilty' to charge
GH May get Another Electric Railroad Grand Haven may get another electric railroad - Grand Haven to Grand Rapids
Clam Fishing on Grand Haven Described
Man Throws Woman off Steamer Man throws woman to her death off steamer Puritan
More on Lamont Button Factory  
Man Fined $10 for Automobile Speeding  
Sheriff Picks up Drunk with Automobile  
City Automobile Speeders Warned  
Grand River Pearl Collection Described  
Deep Well to Stop GH Water Shortage New deep well hoped to remove city water supply problem
Planning for 'Great Speedboat Race'  
Vaudette Theater Remodeling Remodeling of Vaudette Theater described
GH Man Hero in Interurban Crash  
Attorney Criticized for Straw Hat Highland Park attorney criticized for wearing straw hat
Colonial Ad by Enterprise Clothing Co  
Old Highland Park Drowning Recalled 20 years ago today column - man drowns rowing boat to Highland Park 
GH 21st Michigan Civil War Vets Gather  
Controversial Female Captain in GH Female captain of yacht Golden Girl arrives in GH - fruit selling controversy
NB Brown Gets Arial Camera Patent  
GH 21st Michigan Civil War Vets Gather More on 21st Michigan reunion / register
GH 21st Michigan Civil War Vets Gather 21st Michigan poem
Lighthouse Keeper Frank Fraga Dies  
New City Well Abandoned - Hit Bedrock New city water well abandoned after hitting bedrock - mineral water
More on Wiley Water Works Scandal  
New Water Works Trial Considered  
Automobile Station in Spring Lake  
More on GH Water Supply Problem  
Woman Thrown from Steamer Found Woman thrown from deck of steamer found
Plan to Bottle Mineral Spring Water  
Fountain Specialty Co. Display   
Analysis of GH Drinking Water  
Water Prospecting at Beach Prospecting for water along Lake Michigan beach
Maxwell Touring Car Ad  
Fire Engine Pumps for Water at Beach Rix Robinson fire engine pumps for water at beach
70 ft timber unloaded at Gov. Pond 70 ft. pierce of timber unloaded at Government Pond
Bears and Monkeys on Washington St. Lon Kammeraad to install bears and monkeys at 7th and Washington
Orpheum Theater to Open / Description  
New Lighthouse Keeper Appointed Joseph Kilgore appointed new Grand Haven lighthouse keeper
Ottawa County Road Building Plans  
Many GH Smokers are Under 15 yrs old Many Grand Haven pipe and cigarette smokers are under 15 years of age
Automobiles Pelted with Rocks on 7th  
More on Orpheum Theater Opening  
GH Water Samples Go to Ann Arbor Grand Haven water samples taken to Ann Arbor for testing
Doctors Push for Local Hospital  
New Lighthouse Keeper Arrives  
Photograph of Charles Boyden  Indianapolis News shows photo of Charles Boyden and his American Motors car
Storm Blows Out Movie Transformer Storm blows out transformer at Orpheum Theater
Oil Poured on Lake for Ship Rescue Oil poured on Lake Superior to aid in ship rescue
More Description of Orpheum Theater  
  End of Notebook 2
Dangerous Grand Haven Corners Two most dangerous Grand Haven corners:  3rd and Fulton; 7th and Fulton
Grand Haven's Electric Light Problem  
Ironsides Shipwreck Artifact Displayed Chair from Ironsides wreck on display
Ad for Automobile/Driver Rental (Taxi?)  
Henry Nyland Opens Auto Repair Shop Henry Nyland opens new automobile repair shop
Area Medical Society Formed  
Lake Michigan Water Safe for Drinking Tests show Lake Michigan shoreline water safe for drinking
First Presbyterian Church Anniversary 75th Anniversary of First Presbyterian Church Jubilee - photos - huge story!
Kammeraad building Cages for Bears  
Objections to Theaters Open on Sunday Blue Laws
Old 'Blue Laws' Criticized  
More on 'Blue Laws'  
Display Ad for Columbia Record Co.  
Story of Old GH Mineral Springs The story of the old Grand Haven mineral springs in Grand Rapids Press
Ad for Electric Vacuum Cleaners  
NE Brown's New Photographic Studio  
Early US Life Saving Service Recalled  
Call for Automobile/Horse Team Rules  
May Graham Finishes Season May Graham finishes season on Grand River
May Graham Winter Quarters  
Objections to Theaters Open on Sunday Theater owners in court over Sunday opening law - Blue Laws
Cage Erected for Kammeraad 'Zoo'  
Opticon Picture Display Ad of E. C. Felt  
Early Pastors Recall GH Memories Early 1st Presbyterian pastors recall Ironsides shipwreck - Lake Forest Cemetery
Grand Haven Offered a Carnegie Library
GH Reading Room (Library) Magazines Grand Haven reading room (library) magazine subscriptions listed
Hundreds Gather Beechnuts in Woods  
Man Injured Crank-Starting Automobile  
GH Automobile Tour- Four States  
City Water in Deplorable Condition  
Michigan Automobile Rules Michigan Secretary of State automobile rules
Carnegie Library Committee Selected City selects committee for Carnegie Library
GH First 'Auto-Truck' Sold  First 'auto-truck' (automobile truck) by Grand Haven man sold in Grand Rapids
Engraving of Hero's Barge - J. H. Rutter Ludington Chronicle publishes engraving of barge J. H. Rutter - Kendricks Rescue
Open Sunday Theater Case in Court Vaudette Theater Sunday opening case in court
Sunday Newspaper Price Cut Sunday newspaper price cut from 7 to 5 cents
Sunday Opening Ordinance Rejected Sunday opening ordinance rejected by Grand Haven City Council
Local theaters to Close on Sundays Temple and Orpheum Theaters to close on Sunday
Three Bears Arrive for Kammeraad 'Zoo'
Story of Leo Family / Challenge Co American Printer has story of Leo family (Challenge Machinery Co.)
More on Kulos Attempted Murder Case  
Greek' Kulos Found Guilty  
Near Shipwreck at South Haven Barge 'Delta' has miraculous survival at South Haven
Tug 'Evening Star' Shipwrecks at St. Joe
Grand Haven Club Formed at U of M Grand Haven club formed at University of Michigan
Dr.Hofma to Run for State Senator GH's Dr. Hofma, of polar exploration fame, to run for the State Senate 
GH Water Analyzed by UM Experts Grand Haven water quality analyzed by University of Michigan experts
Water Expert Has Positive Outlook  Water expert has positive outlook for Grand Haven water analysis
Grand Haven Has Diphtheria Scare  
Grand Haven Diphtheria Scare Ends  
Story of 'Teddy Bears' at 7th St. Zoo Story of 'Teddy Bears' at Kammeraad 'Zoo'
Photograph of New Co. F Captain  Photograph of new Co. F Captain George L. Olson
Sand Bar Endangers GH Navigation Sand Bar off piers at harbor mouth endangers Grand Haven navigation 
Metal Detector Device Found in Trunk Strange metal detecting device found in trunk (Five Mile Hill treasure hunters?)
Central School Fumigated  Grand Haven Central School fumigated for Scarlet Fever
Orpheum Theater Changes Ownership  
Difficulty Finding Carnegie Library Site Carnegie library commission having difficulty finding site for library
Humorous Men's Long Underwear Ad  
Strange Craft Washes Up At Rosy Mnd. Strange craft washes up at Rosy Mound
Lot Selected for Carnegie Library  
Interest Still Alive for New Hospital  
More on Drive to Get New GH Hospital  
Harbor Sand Bars Being Dredged  
Meteor Found on Elliot St. Phenomena
Skeleton Found on Leggatt's Hill  
More on Skeleton Mystery  
No New Clues on Skeleton Mystery 2 articles
Mean-Looking Santa Claus Ads   
Skeleton Remains Identified  
History of Ottawa Co. Home Recalled  
Description of NE Brown Kite Camera Grand Rapids has article on N.E. Brown's kite camera and aerial picture of GH
Photo of 1st Ottawa Co. Grand Jury  

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