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Hotels / Cutler House VanDonogen & Yonker, masons, doing the work on the new Cutler block. 
Agriculture /soil  Hamilton Johnston to build vineyard
Politics/ Government E. P. Ferry named chairman of trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress.
Navigation / Ships Atlanta put on Grand Haven - Chicago Route
Chicago & West Michigan RR   Petition circulated for Chicago & West Michigan RR beach railroad to Highland Park
Chicago & West Michigan RR   Benefit of Chicago & West Michigan RR side tracks to factories / Challenge Co.
Navigation / accidents  Lizzie Walsh rescued after losing rudder off St. Joseph
Highland Park / praised Highland Park "Best resort in the state"
Horseracing / results Horse Racing Results
Highland Park / lawn tennis court Highland Park lawn tennis court construction materials arrive
Pier / construction  Timbers for pier extension arrive
U.S. Navy / comparison U.S. Navy comparison with Italian Navy
Recreation / Fishing Meeting to stop unlawful fishing / Ottawa Fish and Game Protection Assoc.
Newspapers/ Courier Journal H. Y. Potts sells  Western Michigan Courier Journal
Electric Street Lights Description of new electric street lights
Bicycles / popularity Popularity of bicycles
Schools / Akeley Institute Akeley Institute groundbreaking for new addition
Electric lights / plans Grand Haven soon to be lighted with electricity
Highland Park / use Highland Park visited by hundreds of people /  Other articles
Highland Park / cottages Highland Park - new cottages
Highland Park / cottages Boyden, Water cottages completed
Electric lights / Council  Council proceedings on electric lights
Highland Park / use Visited by hundreds of people
Highland Park / construction Shortage of carpenters for cottage construction
Pier / construction  Extension of piers
Celebrations / Fourth of July Editorial comment:  Why not have a 4th of July at home?
Schools / Akeley Institute Description of Akeley Institute in Grand Rapids Democrat
Pier / construction  170 cords of stone arrives from Sturgeon Bay 
Clothes / women What women are wearing
Cutler House / construction New Cutler House almost completed / description
City / description Illustrated article on city in Grand Rapids Democrat
Electric company / const. Stone arrives for construction of electric company
Fishing / drinking Funny story of fisherman asking for brandy
Gypsies / trained bears Band of Gypsies with four trained bears arrives
Highland Park / news Resort news
Highland Park / news  News section
Highland Park / improvements New fence in front of Highland Park Hotel
Highland Park / pavilion Fund-raising social for pavilion 
Horseracing / Grand Rapids Grand Rapids results
Opinion of city City characterized as the ‘Sleeping Town’
Pier / construction More stone arrives  for pier construction
Pier / find Bracelet found near pier by life saver
Phenomena / seiche Seiche causes Ionia to go aground at Escanaba
Suicide / ship Man attempts suicide on City of Milwaukee
World’s Fair / sketches  Sketches of fair
Local History / cannon theft  Theft of Muskegon cannon recalled
Electric lights / approval Approved by popular vote
Electric lights / street car To be constructed by October
Electric railroad / news Additional news
Highland Park / Fire Woods around park on fire
Highland Park / entertainment Description of festivities for convention visitors
Highland Park / entertainment Entertainment described
Muskegon harbor / criticism Criticized by Tribune
Pier / construction More stone arrives for pier extension
Industry / shingles History of shingle business in Grand Haven
Artifact / Napoleonic Captain J. Walker has Battle of Waterloo spyglass
Harbor / drowning M. S. Cooper drowns rowing boat around pier head 
Electric lights / construction Light poles erected in city
Highland Park / swimming Swimmers take last dip of season
Highland Park / swimming Moonlight swimming party / water 70 degrees
Highland Park / bathing Taking baths in Lake Michigan
Horseracing / Geo. St. Clair News on Geo. St. Clair
Muskegon pier / accident Diver seriously injured
Pier /construction Stone for pier extension arrives
Pier / Grand River Pier and Grand River inspected
Weapons / torpedoes Big article on torpedoes with good drawings
Electric lights / Trees Concern for trees with electric line construction
Ghosts / sighting Ghost seen near railroad tracks
Ghosts / story Another Grand Haven ghost story
Grand River / improvement Improvements / Ludlow opinions and feelings
Grand River / improvement Money raised for river channel to Grand Rapids
Harbor / use Many ships tied up at pier
Highland Park / hazards Danger of fire
City / evaluation Grand Haven the past 14 years by Joseph Koeltz
Horseracing / Geo. St. Clair Geo. St. Clair races at Grand Rapids
Horseracing / news News
Horseracing / wagering Many locals go to Grand Rapids to bet horses
Horseracing / performance Nelson vs. Allerton race / fastest in world
Horseracing / driver Nelson driver criticized
Horseracing / wager Nelson owner makes $20,000 challenge to world
Harbor / accident Man crushed by ship in harbor
Lake Michigan / water level Concern for low water level
Muskegon harbor / criticized Criticized / Ludlow
Pier / incident Retraction of statement about seeing couple at pier
Pier / storm Big storm / Grand sight at the pier 
Pier / Kewaunee, Wisconsin Kewaunee pier extended 200 ft. / lighthouse moved
Ships / performance White Star Line’s Teutonic sets record
Teachers / harassment Harassed by children on streets
Teachers / harassment More on harassment by children
Travel / Netherlands Round trip excursion Grand Haven to Rotterdam $75
Veterans / Napoleonic One of the last veterans of Waterloo dies
Weather / forecasting Description of weather flags and new changes
Weather / storms Description of electrical storm 
Fire / Indian Joe Indian Joe’s house on Harbor Island burns
Ghosts / local Grand Haven man writes ghost poem
Shipwreck / artifact Headboard from wrecked Active found on north pier
Ghosts / local  Grand Haven man writes ghost poem
Suicide / local Suicide note of drowned man found
Ghosts / local Ghost seen at water works
Ghosts / local Man fights with ghost
Grand River / improvements River inspection by Ludlow
Grand River / improvements Ludlow gives recommendations for river channel 
Ghosts / local Ghosts picks up man
Ghosts / local Ghost seen at railroad tracks
Ghost /local So-called ghost a cat?
Shipwreck / pier Ellen Stevenson hits pier and wrecks / heroic rescue
Ghosts / local Laying for the ghost
Pier / repair Damage to pier several months ago fixed
Shipwreck / pier Life saving crew standing by Stevenson on beach
Harbor / appropriations Appropriations for West Michigan harbors listed
Life savers / praised Grand Rapids Republican praises life savers
Ships / grounding  City of NY on bar at Grand Haven / harbor criticized  

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