Grand Haven "Surf City"
Newspaper Articles

Modern Grand Haven Surfing

A Big Spash for GH (A Day in the Life of America)
Grand Haven Tribune  October 22, 1986

Catch a Great Wave
The Detroit News  July 7, 1987

New Wave
Muskegon Chronicle  July 3, 1988

Area Surfer Hits It Big
Muskegon Chronicle 1990

Ride the Mild Surf
Detroit Free Press  September 10, 1991

Ride the Tide
Grand Haven Tribune  September 17, 1991

Surf's Up
Muskegon Chronicle  August 11, 1994

Surfin' or Rollin'
Grand Haven Tribune  August 31, 1998

Aloha, Grand Haven
Muskegon Chronicle  September 27, 2000

Cool Breeze
Grand Rapids Press  April 13, 2001

Surfer Saves Spring Lake Youth from Drowning
Grand Haven Tribune  June 12, 2002

Surf's Up
Grand Haven Tribune  August 19, 2002

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