Grand Haven "Surf City"
Progression of Grand Haven Surfing

Newspaper Articles

Surfin' Time Arrives
Grand Haven Tribune  September 8, 1972

The Surf is Up!
Grand Haven Tribune  September 5, 1973

Surf City, Michigan
Detroit Free Press  September 6, 1973

Surfers on Lake Michigan Get Kicks at 20 Degrees
Detroit Free Press January 20, 1974

The Lakes are Great for Surfing They Say
Grand Rapids Press January 19, 1974

Daring Surfers Take Wintry Lake Michigan Ride
Muskegon Chronicle  January 20, 1974

Big Waves of Fall Lure Lake Michigan Surfers
Grand Rapids Press  November 2, 1974

Surf Year Around In The 'Big Lake'
Grand Haven Tribune  November 22, 1974

Surfer Catches Summer on the Downhill Slide
Newspaper Unknown  Mid-1970s

Waiting for a Good Wave
Newspaper Unknown  Mid-1970s

Last Fling of Spring?
Grand Haven Daily Tribune  November 10, 1975

Angry Lake Claims Two; Surfers Rescue a Third
November 11, 1975

C. G. Honors Trio
Grand Haven Tribune  April 23, 1976

Weekend Winds Bring big Waves and Damage
Grand Haven Tribune  October 10, 1977

Surfs Up, Mercury's Down
North Ottawa Shopper  October 31, 1978

Great Lakes Surfing
North Ottawa Shopper  November 14, 1978

Contestants Hope For Good Waves Saturday
Grand Haven Tribune  September 25, 1980

Please Pray for Waves
Grand Haven Tribune  September 25, 1980

Experienced Surfer Wins 'Classic'
Grand Haven Tribune  September 29, 1980

Michigan Surf
Grand Rapids Press  September 30, 1980

Surfers Catch Some Waves in Grand Haven State Park
Tri-Cities Advance  September 30, 1980

Grand Haven 2nd Annual Lake Michigan Surf Classic
Grand Haven Tribune September 10, 24, 1981

Riding the Waves
Grand Haven Tribune  September 24, 1982

Grand Haven Tribune  September 27, 1984

Bob Pushaw Cavorts off Grand Haven South Pier
Grand Rapids Press  September 25, 1985

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